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Spiceworks Advances Vision to Simplify the Workday for Everyone with IT Needs

Today at SpiceWorld 2017, Spiceworks detailed the steps it's taking to simplify the IT workday by connecting everyone who works in IT with the resources they need to get better at what they do, every day. Last year, Spiceworks first outlined this long-term vision and commitment to build pervasive intelligence and personalization into everything it does. In the last 12 months, the company has begun applying these capabilities to help IT professionals address four key objectives during their workday: connect with tech experts and content, learn new IT skills, research products and services to buy, and manage their IT environment. Today, nearly 7 million unique visitors come to Spiceworks every month to get their jobs done, up 48 percent year over year.    

"Building a destination everyone in IT can get value from every day requires us to understand and predict an individual's needs in any given moment," said Jay Hallberg, CEO and co-founder of Spiceworks. "We're utilizing machine learning and advanced analytics to scale our personalization efforts for millions of IT professionals and connect them with the most helpful content, tools, and experts. This focus not only improves the experience and value IT professionals get from Spiceworks, it also improves the connections they make with technology brands who use Spiceworks to become active participants in assisting IT professionals throughout their day."

Personalized IT experiences help IT professionals simplify their day

Historically, IT professionals have relied on a variety of fragmented resources to connect with their technology peers and vendors, learn new IT skills, research products to buy, and manage their network. This fragmentation has led to experiences that aren't personalized in a meaningful way and wasted time and energy as IT workers manually search for the resources they need to get their jobs done.

Spiceworks is addressing this challenge by creating more personalized experiences for IT professionals. These experiences are powered by a platform that utilizes machine learning and advanced data analytics to tailor the people, content, and tools that get surfaced to IT professionals in any given moment. The Spiceworks platform analyzes and processes billions of actions each week to understand users' intent, anticipate their needs, and provide them with resources to help solve their unique IT challenges.

Ultimately, this technology enables more intelligent connections between IT professionals, technology brands, and the content and tools they need most. The Spiceworks platform is already creating new, personalized experiences for IT professionals including:

  • Learn: Announced today, Spiceworks Learn is a crowdsourced, educational environment that provides IT professionals with free, instructional content in the form of how-tos, articles, webinars, and videos, across a variety of tech topics. Over time, Spiceworks Learn will become more intelligent and personalized to individuals' needs by understanding the topics they're most interested in and recommending additional resources based on their knowledge level, needs, and experience.
  • Daily Challenge: Introduced last year, Spiceworks Daily Challenge tests IT professionals' knowledge on a variety of IT topics with a new question every day. The Spiceworks platform is enabling the company to customize questions based on an IT professional's level of expertise across various tech topics and make the questions easier or more challenging based on their success rate. As a result, users are able to sharpen their IT skills in areas that directly relate to their jobs.
  • Resource recommendations: Spiceworks is recommending more helpful resources, including live events, webinars, research, and products, that are personalized to IT professionals' needs and surfaced when and where they're seeking solutions for the challenges they're trying to overcome. Native ads surfaced in Spiceworks are also displayed based on an IT professionals' interests and needs, which has led to an engagement rate that's more than double the industry average.
  • Personalized newsfeed: The personalized newsfeed Spiceworks launched last year is more equipped to surface relevant discussions and tech news of the day based on users' interests and the people, groups, and technology brands they follow. The newsfeed enables IT professionals to stay connected to their peers at all times and on top of the issues that matter to them most.
  • IT management tools: Spiceworks continues to evolve its suite of management tools to help IT professionals discover the technologies in their environment, quickly understand the details and status of their devices, and support their end users. As the company applies new personalization capabilities across its tools, IT professionals can expect them to become more intelligent about the people, content, and other Spiceworks tools surfaced based on real-time events happening in their IT environment.  

As the Spiceworks platform continues to evolve, the company will create more experiences that are aligned to IT professionals' core set of needs - connecting with tech experts, learning a new skill, researching new products to buy, and managing their IT environment. This level of personalization not only creates a better experience for IT professionals, but also enables technology brands to drive better business outcomes and growth as they engage with IT professionals in a more meaningful way.

Published Tuesday, October 10, 2017 10:25 AM by David Marshall
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