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Talari Expands SD-WAN Platform for Service-Chaining Hosted Apps

Talari Networks announced today the availability of its new E1000 appliance packed with rich features for service-chaining hosted third party applications, delivering greater high availability and throughput with up to 2 Gbps full duplex performance. The E1000 enables companies with medium to large branch offices to easily scale SD-WAN deployments to seamlessly connect to cloud/SaaS and enterprise data centers.

The E1000 is Talari's newest addition to its SD-WAN edge solution offerings, enabling flexible L2 or L3 overlay deployments, while ensuring WAN connectivity is abundant, and fast and easy to deploy. The E1000 is also a modular chassis with expansion card options that increase port density and deliver 10Gb uplink throughput.

Scalability and easy service-chaining

Scalability and easy service-chaining are the hallmarks of the E1000 with integrated network services including WAN Optimization, firewall, NAT, router and VPN concentrator, that are interconnected through the network and centrally managed by the Talari SD-WAN controller.

"Typically building a service chain to support a new application takes considerable cost, time and effort, requiring specialized, individually configured network devices, which had to be manually connected in the required services sequence," said Atchison Frazer, head of worldwide marketing at Talari Networks. "Talari transforms both the WAN and branch infrastructure, with centralized orchestration that makes service-chaining and application provisioning significantly less expensive, faster and easier: E1000 is a true multi-service edge-function replacement within a single appliance, requiring no additional licenses."

Internet connectivity with built-in security, reliability and agility

The E1000 adds to Talari's WAN-edge solutions that match current network resources with dynamic WAN traffic demand - whether as an overlay in a hybrid, all-MPLS or all-Internet WAN.

Talari SD-WAN is agnostic to all carrier and transport methodologies, so companies can use any carrier and easily migrate from one to another. They can easily aggregate multiple bandwidth sources and transports such as MPLS, VSAT, LTE, Broadband/DSL Internet and DIA Internet. In addition to enabling reliable network connectivity, the E1000 high availability (HA) features include configurable dual Fail-to-Wire or Fail-to-Block pairs, and serial and parallel HA deployments.

Enterprises want their branch offices to be seamless and reliable extensions to their corporate data centers, and the cloud to be a seamless and reliable extension to their branch offices. An integral component of the SD-WAN overlay, the E1000 is fully aware of all bandwidth, both ingress and egress. With this knowledge, Talari permits or denies bandwidth for any application. This enables QoS preservation inbound through the last mile, ensuring the most important traffic always receives the most reliable network service, and delivers a predictable end-user quality of experience (QoE).

To provide a true branch extension to cloud or data center hosted applications, the E1000 monitors all traffic on all paths within the SD-WAN fabric on a packet-by-packet basis. This ensures that all traffic remains within the SLA defined in QoS policies, even when WAN conditions begin to degrade across a path. All packets are automatically assigned a sequence ID to ensure reliable packet stream reassembly.

Each application has its own unique packet characteristics that influence the network as it is forwarded from origin to the destination. How these individual packets are sorted once they reach the WAN edge is essential, so the E1000 uses Talari's proprietary protocol (TRP) to perform millisecond, packet-by-packet, unidirectional measurement of latency, jitter and packet loss, and then automatically and dynamically selects the right WAN path and headroom-reserved bandwidth each time.

Zero-touch provisioning and deployment

Many companies have a minimum amount of IT expertise at their branch offices, yet they still require failsafe, scalable and agile WANs capable of supporting large numbers of remote locations and end-users. Provisioning and deploying the E1000 in the branch is fast and easy. By simply completing three steps, the E1000 can be online and in production in a matter of minutes.

Pay-as-you-Grow performance

The E1000 performance is controlled by a flexible software license, available as a monthly recurring subscription or perpetual purchase. A benefit of this "rightsized" approach is organizations only need to pay for the performance needed today, and can upgrade to higher performance (up to the appliance maximum) by acquiring a new easy-to-implement, stackable performance license.

Published Tuesday, October 17, 2017 9:13 AM by David Marshall
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