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Calgary Scientific 2018 Predictions: Play more games at work in 2018. Seriously.

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Contributed by Dan Pigat, VP, PureWeb Labs at Calgary Scientific

Play more games at work in 2018. Seriously.

Even if you're not a big E-Sports fan, you'll likely be playing more video games yourself next year - you just might not realize it.

Games have become beautiful, so much so that you won't be able to tell them from real life. Some things, like people, still look a bit off - although we are leaping over the uncanny valley. But game rendered objects like cars now look identical to real world ones, making this technology useful for all sorts of real world tasks.

In fact, if you see a new car in a TV commercial, it probably wasn't real - mainly because it didn't exist when the commercial was shot. More and more, these are created by game engines like Unreal Engine from Epic Games, blurring reality with the virtual.

And while beautiful is, well... beautiful, the original strength of games is that they're easy to use. Whether through a simple joystick, touch screen or full mouse and keyboard, the barrier to learning and use is low, making very complex technology useable by everyone.

But mimicking the real world requires a lot of computing horsepower, usually on expensive GPU's. Owning those is a cost borne only by hard core gamers and is out of reach of most people and use cases. This brings us to the final gaming barrier, one that will finally be properly broken in 2018: remote access. 

Thanks to this whole "cloud" thing, you can now put games literally in everyone's hands. By renting GPU's on the cloud where and when you need them, you can bring complex data to people and their context. No need to buy expensive hardware or download and install a lot of complex software. Games will simply now come to you.

Combine all of this and you get beautiful, easy and "fun" games embedded in web pages and mobile apps, allowing people can do all sorts of tasks. I refer to fun loosely as this includes play at work.

These "games" help you do your job - or learn to do your job - and are presented where and when you need them online. Epic Games calls this category "Enterprise", and it's taking over serious workflows, everything from simulation and training to product configuration and purchase.

Technology is progressing faster and faster because it is converging faster and faster. In this case, game engines, cloud and mobile technologies combine to deliver instant access to easy and useful tools, where and when they're needed.

Shall we play a 2018?


About the Author

Dan Pigat 

Dan leads product development and R&D for Calgary Scientific's PureWeb Labs group. Dan has been leading product groups for over 20 years, beginning his career at Procter & Gamble. He then managed the SMART Board and conferencing products at SMART Technologies Inc. and developed and sourced new technologies for the UK market at Steljes Ltd.

Published Thursday, October 19, 2017 7:34 AM by David Marshall
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