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Vembu Technologies 2018 Predictions: The Future of Backup

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Contributed by Sandhiya Balasubramanian, Product Analyst, Vembu Technologies

The Future of Backup

The future of Backup and DR Solution is something to ponder. Day by day the amount of data and the complexities of storing and protecting this data are growing at a much higher rate. Organizations demand an always-on automated single BDR software at an affordable pricing and thus prefer moving into Hyper-converged infrastructure. Here are few predictions that are expected to drive Backup and Disaster Recovery in the future.

     1.  Backup and DR Solution for Everything

The backup holds some amazing solution in the upcoming future which might bring astounding breakthrough in the technology. These features might change the way we look at the BDR. The supports may be extended to physical, virtual and also cloud, directly in the near future which will reduce complexities and enable an hassle free data storage. A single Backup and DR solution would be capable of handling both the hardware (all electronic devices) and the software application data. There will be no exclusion of any hypervisor or operating system to perform backup and disaster recovery.

     2.   Seamless, Long Term Data Protection and Archival

Data protection heading towards future seems to result in long term and seamless protection ever anybody could have imagined. The ability of data transferring i.e D2D2x (Disk to Disk to any), might seem an crucial task at present but can be expected to ease out very soon. Can you even imagine a 100 TB data stored in a single tape cartridge? Don't be surprised when it comes into action as researchers are putting in tremendous efforts to achieve the impossible. A drastic drop in the cloud storage cost up to 50%  can be expected which will lead the IT professionals to choose D2C as an instant choice.

     3.   Backup and Recover from Everywhere

Backup and recovery can be performed from different environments, recovery not necessarily being same as that of the backup environment and vice versa. Usage of the credentials you have already setup, will be enough to recover data at your fingertips anywhere anytime. The backed up data can be recovered without any hassle. Recovery time objective (RTO) can be expected to be more economical, which is the ultimate goal of every IT admin.

     4.   Moving up to the Cloud

With multiple advantages of data being stored onto the cloud, businesses have already started moving to the cloud environment. About 63% of businesses will choose cloud as their backup storage. All the earlier backup strategies will be completely replaced by the cloud storage. With multiple cloud environment providers, the migration between cloud to cloud (C2C) through private/ public or co-location centers will be in action leading to easy transferring of your data based on your requirements.

     5.   Automation Take Over

While backups have already reduced  the businesses risk to disaster, the future is expected to bring automatic backups without any manual interventions which will mark another level in backup and disaster recovery solutions, history.  Automatic failover and failback concepts might reduce the downtime leading your business to always be up and running. To enable researchers make this possible, the advanced API's are going to be utilized. An automated BDR is soon on its way.

     6.   Backup Solution with Built in Malware Protection

Additional inbuilt malware protection is much needed at present for any backup solution you opt for. Very soon, the need for it might end as data protection software with Antivirus mechanism included will take over the backup technology. The hackers will be at loss with no doubt as access to data will be made much more stronger. Advanced encryption algorithm for better and efficient security of your data.


The storage of data will prove to create unbelievable benchmarks back to back leading the backup technology to a whole new level. "Expect the unexpected" would be the right phrase to describe the future of backup technology.


About the Author

Sandhiya Balasubramanian, Product Analyst for Vembu Technologies, is responsible for analyzing market data and strategies, dealing with customer requirements and working towards the business growth.

Published Thursday, October 26, 2017 7:33 AM by David Marshall
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