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VirtuLocity Networks Announces Free 15-Day Trials of its VLNCloud Virtual Internet Acceleration Service to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Customers

VirtuLocity Networks, a software acceleration platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company, today announced a free 15-day trial of its patented congestion control solution, VLNCloud, on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Available on AWS Marketplace, VLNCloud can be installed here. The company's patented solution, which launched last month at Mobile World Congress Americas after successful beta trials with CDNs and mobile operators, demonstrates improved cloud connections throughput and data payload transport time by up to 80 percent, which can be seen on the website here.

"End users attempting to access video-based real-time applications have long experienced sub-par network conditions due to packet loss, delay, and jitter - an issue that is only getting worse as wireless and mobile usage becomes more ubiquitous," said Mike Sapien, Chief Analyst at Ovum, Global Research and Advisory firm. "Some SD-WAN technologies have been built with complex, costly options to address improved application performance with features such as virtual rerouting, DNS steering, and edge caching, but there is actually a large market opportunity to tackle the issue directly with basic WAN and internet connections themselves."

Instead of being redundant to new SD-WAN tools, VLNCloud builds on them, focusing on dynamically optimizing the actual WAN connection throughput itself, as content is routed from point A to point B. With VLNCloud, users experience faster uploads or downloads for seamless, accelerated viewing of rich-media content from social media sites, OTT properties, and particularly when using mobile devices, which can be challenging when accessing video content, gaming and live streams.

"Even with the advanced SD-WAN acceleration capabilities available today, the industry is still seeing a significant amount of network inefficiencies, resulting in buffering and lower-quality Internet connections. We created our VLNCloud solution to complement these existing technologies, for faster and more efficient Internet traffic that hasn't been possible before," said Greg Gum, CEO and co-founder of VirtuLocity Networks. "Rather than just talking about how valuable acceleration is, we are offering immediate free trial usage on AWS Marketplace, to help customers worldwide accelerate network speed to accommodate increased usage of streaming video, gaming, and other real-time applications such as VR and AR - services that will only get more demanding and complex over time."

Data from Cisco's VNI 2017 Visual Networking Index projects that traffic from wireless and mobile devices will account for more than 63 percent of total IP traffic by 2021, with 82 percent of that coming from IP video. To meet this growing demand from mobile and hybrid wired/wireless connections, VLNCloud was designed to be additive and complementary to existing distribution technologies, so that it further accelerates Internet speeds even in the face of variable bandwidth, packet loss, excessive delay due to congestion, and jitter - common issues with today's mobile connections. Furthermore, because VLNCloud focuses on eliminating traffic jams on the WAN connection rather than addressing, manipulating, or performing deep packet inspection, the original packets remain intact and uninterrupted.

"By making our solution available on AWS Marketplace, we're able to offer our customers a streamlined software delivery approach, a simplified billing structure, and seamless product support," continued Gum. "We expect the platform will play a critical role in helping our customers experience the full benefits of VLNCloud, while helping us grow as a business."

In addition to VLNCloud, VirtuLocity also offers an on-premises solution called VLN Software, which accelerates a WAN connection's bandwidth throughput and transit time for private enterprise or hybrid applications. The software can be pointed downstream or upstream to improve WAN performance without having to be bookended.

VirtuLocity's VLNCloud and VLN Software solutions are currently available for customers worldwide with flexible on-demand pricing.

Published Wednesday, November 15, 2017 8:24 AM by David Marshall
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