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Why ProActive Support is a Requirement for any Modern HCI

Whenever a company sets out to build a modern hyperconverged infrastructure, they look for various things: performance, storage efficiency, resiliency.  Each solution for the company’s IT needs is always judged on the combination of these parameters.  However, the things that you do not want for your environment are rarely mentioned.  One of those things is downtime.

Downtime, while being an inconvenience for users, is usually a significant financial loss for the business overall.  There have been cases where downtime resulted in the business closing for good.

This means that not only should systems be built for resiliency, they should also be covered by the best support possible.  Even a system that has five nines of uptime will eventually fail and when that happens you need a team of professionals to be ready to bring your environment back online.

Even if you get through to the experienced L3 engineers it will take some time to resolve your issue.  Every minute, while they are looking for a solution, may potentially cost you thousands of dollars.

Typically, the support process looks as follows:

First, the problem must be noticed by the users, then you have to find which part of your environment is causing it.  After that, you need to submit a ticket to the respective vendor.  Then you’ll have to go all the way beginning from L1 support up to L3 support (jumping through their hoops along the way).  Only then do they start resolving your issue.

Now imagine a completely different picture:

You’re an IT admin sitting at your desk and researching potential new solution that will drive your company’s business forward.  You get a phone call, where an engineer is asking you to remote into your environment to resolve an issue that hasn’t even happened yet.  You just provide them with a remote access and get back to your work.

This is so fundamentally different from the approach described previously.  There is no need to fix something that is not broken, and ProActive Support makes sure your environment does not break.

This creates some unique situations where by the time you would have noticed an issue, there is already an engineer working on a solution for you.

Typically support prides itself in minimizing downtime.  ProActive is not minimizing it, it’s preventing it.

Learn how you can get a true peace of mind and forget about support tickets with StarWind ProActive Support:

Published Wednesday, November 15, 2017 10:04 AM by David Marshall
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