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Naveego 2018 Predictions: A Custodial Shift of Data Management to Meet The Needs of A Digital Economy

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Contributed by Derek Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Naveego

A Custodial Shift of Data Management to Meet The Needs of A Digital Economy

Organizations must adapt to meet the requirements of the new digital economy where data is the most prized asset. Unfortunately, the management of the underlying storage for this most valuable of assets still remains with centralized IT, who look at data from an infrastructure perspective, as a cost to manage, rather than the asset it has become. I predict that in 2018 the management of data storage will shift from centralized IT to individual business units. This transition will lead to a more focused approach around each application's and user's need for data and their ability to access it when and where they want it.

The reason 2018 will be that transformative year of change is because:

1.     We are in an API driven world and the maturity of API's allows for applications to write to and leverage storage management software to automate the creation and management of their data.

2.     Storage technologies are starting to meet the scale required for the vast amounts of digital content that is created. Object Storage in particular provides the scalability, redundancy and security required to meet the vast deluge of data.

3.     The cost of storing data is dropping as the price of raw disks, both flash and SATA, continue to drop substantially year over year.

4.     The public cloud providers have proven that creating nimble infrastructure is feasible at scale. Application users are experienced in selecting criteria upon which to purchase and manage their storage.

The digital economy is creating a new asset category where the mining of each 1 and 0 is The Competitive Difference. 2018 will see the shift of the custodian of these 1s and 0s from traditional centralized IT to the rightful owners of the data, the business units. 


About the Author

Derek Smith 

Derek Smith is the Chief Executive Officer at Naveego, where he designs and develops the platform that is helping businesses tackle data quality and master data management. As CEO, he also guides Naveego as it experiences its early stage growth; helping to shape the company into a leading cloud data management platform. At Naveego, Derek is responsible for the company's development and deployment. By implementing automated build solutions, he helped Naveego achieve rapid application deployment. Derek is also responsible for the design and implementation of the company's cloud infrastructure. He has designed and deployed production environments in both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Published Friday, November 17, 2017 7:34 AM by David Marshall
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