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Swrve 2018 Predictions: 5 Shifts We'll See in Mobile MarTech

VMblog Predictions 2018

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Contributed by Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve

5 Shifts We'll See in Mobile MarTech

The theory, practice and tech behind marketing changes at an exciting (or, depending on your point of view - alarming) pace these days. We can be sure 2018 will be no different. Here are five predictions for how our industry may change in the next 12 months.

  1. The End Of Interruption. Mobile is on the rise, and mobile makes very different demands of both users and marketers. As a result, the old marketing model of interruption is no longer relevant. On mobile, the consumer is in control, task-focused, and as a result pretty intolerant of anything that gets in the way. Successful marketing will start to look an awful lot more like contextual help - not urging the consumer to do something, but rather reminding them that a specific brand can help when they are already committed to a particular task. This will require a new approach, and an unlearning of certain behaviors.

  2. Messaging As The Mobile OS.  Readers with teenage children don't need to be told about the rise of messaging apps. As 2018 progresses, these platforms (WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.) will become increasingly central not just for peer-to-peer communication but as a vital element of the brand / consumer interface. In effect, they will become almost a new 'mobile OS'. The messaging platform itself will become an environment in which brands must have a presence, and consumers will communicate with those brands (right up to ordering) within that environment.

  3. Channel-agnostic Marketing. Remember when multi-channel marketing was all the rage? Unfortunately, most of that hype ultimately came from the wrong place; namely an assumption that marketing should be planned around the channel first (mobile, email, TV, etc.), and then some sort of integration of these efforts creates a truly 360° customer experience of the brand. 2018 will see the rise of the alternative: user-centered marketing that works from the individual out. We explicitly define what we wish to communicate and when, and only then, work within the appropriate channel to execute.

  4. Targeting Based On Consumer ‘Intent'. Good marketing relies on getting the right message to the right individual - at the right time. Additionally, messages are most likely to be effective when closely related to what the consumer is likely to do, or not do.. As the loop between data and action is closed, marketers are now able to respond to signals ‘in the moment'. Real-time processing of big data meets campaign delivery to create the ability of predicting how customers will behave in a moment's time while also delivering just the right message to make the most of that opportunity.

  5. The Rise Of ‘Environmental Marketing'. For many decades marketers have tended to think in terms of ‘target demographics' for their products and services. For example, "Our newspaper is targeted at 35-54 year old males with a graduate degree," and so on and so forth. However, the truth is that nobody wants an umbrella on a sunny day, and everybody wants one when it is raining. In 2018 marketing will begin to fold in an understanding of the environment as it exists for each individual at a specific moment in time - something made possible of course by data processing and location tracking in every phone. As a result, smart organizations will be on hand with those umbrellas - just as the heavens open!


About the Author

Christopher Dean 

Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve 

A C-level startup executive specializing in disruptive companies in the Mobile, SAAS and IP communications markets. Managed through rapid organizational and revenue growth environments ($0-$500M in revenue). Led revenue, business and corporate development, strategy and marketing organizations. Focused on identifying the right product and market fit, refining monetization models and scaling distribution while building repeatable processes which drive revenue growth.

Published Thursday, November 23, 2017 5:35 AM by David Marshall
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