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Holberton School 2018 Predictions: A Different and Better Future

VMblog Predictions 2018

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2018.  Read them in this 10th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Sylvain Kalache, Co-Founder of Holberton School

A Different and Better Future

I'm the co-founder of the Holberton School in San Francisco, a unique two-year university for training full-stack software engineers. The school is free until students find a job (talk about a performance guarantee!) and we don't hire faculty to teach. Students peer learn, just like in the real world. Our program is more selective in admissions than Harvard or Stanford and as we grow we anticipate educating more software engineers every year than the Ivy League colleges and Stanford combined -- more than 1,000 graduates a year. More than half of our students are people of color and 40% are women. Less than two years old, we place graduates in plum jobs at places like Apple, Docker, Tesla, LinkedIn, NASA and more.

Teaching tomorrow's software engineers should give me some advantages in predicting the future but if that were actually true I'd probably be making my fortune on Wall Street. Instead let me share what we see at Holberton as the biggest advances and surprises from 2017 and what those might mean for 2018.

First -- let's look back.

What were the three biggest things that happened in tech in 2017

●     DNA editing with CRISPR.

●     AI generated code with sourced.

●     Explosion of bitcoin.

Biggest Surprises:

●     How quick self driving cars are improving.

What collapsed/failed this year:

●     Elite hardware products like Juicero and Teforia.

●     Uber and Snapchat.

●     Udacity VP saying that MOOCS are dead

Biggest loser:

●     Snapchat

Biggest winner:

●     Nvidia is having a great year with the explosion of GPUs for AI.

Biggest growth for a particular tech:

●     Bitcoin, even though it's not really about the technology itself.

Unexpected return of a "dead" tech:

●     Snapchat glass that could be compared to Google glass but still failed quickly.

What we see for 2018...

Three technologies to watch:

●     AI.

●     DNA editing, DNA to store information.

●     Boston robotics -- scary as hell.

What's going to surprise us:

●     More and more self driving cars on the road.

What's inevitable

●     China becoming a stronger player in the Tech industry.

What's the thing you're most excited about in 2018 for tech:

●     I'd like to see more virtual reality and augmented reality products.


About the Author

sylvain kalache 

Sylvain Kalache lives in San Francisco and is the Co-Founder of Holberton School, a 2-year program training Full-Stack Software Engineer at scale. Kalache joined SlideShare in 2011 as a DevOps engineer to support the infrastructure that served 3 billion slides every month. He was a key player who contributed to the acquisition of SlideShare by LinkedIn. Sylvain also co-founded while42, the largest French tech engineer network, with more than 3,000 members in more than 40 cities across the world. 

Published Friday, December 01, 2017 8:04 AM by David Marshall
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