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Cedexis 2018 Predictions: Data Breaches, Virtual Reality, and All-Cloud Infrastructures

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Contributed by Simon Jones, evangelist and head of marketing, Cedexis

Five Predictions: Data Breaches, Virtual Reality, and All-Cloud Infrastructures

As we head into 2018, new ways to defend against data breaches, advancements in virtual reality, and acceleration in the adoption of hybrid and all-cloud infrastructures can be expected. Here are five predictions to keep an eye out for:

1. More Enterprise Data Breaches. The old saw will be proven correct: the only two kinds of companies are those who have been breached, and those who don't yet know that they've been breached. As the attack vectors (in the shape of IoT devices) proliferate, traditional defense mechanisms will fold like a deck of cards, and breaches will come thick and fast. Next up: new defense mechanisms that aren't retrofitted to protect against IoT - but are specifically constructed to keep IoT out.

2. Mixed Reality Becomes an Actual Business. Virtual and Augmented Reality have been hanging out on the fringes of being a real business for years. From the nearly-there promise of Oculus and PlayStation VR, to the maddening twists and turns of Magic Leap to make it to market, the broader category of Mixed Reality has teetered on the edge of transforming from Next Big Thing to Current Big Deal for what feels like years. In 2018, riding the wave of capabilities in handsets like the iPhone X and Galaxy 8, and buoyed by the success of VR and AR accessories as this year's hot holiday gift, a select few companies will be catapulted not only into the public awareness, but into having a rapidly-growing, possibly even profitable, business. Next up: VR goggles that don't require their own backpack to bring along on vacation.

3. Conversational Analytics Unleash Unexpected Insights. Sure, there's tons of data - even Big Data - out there, but to work out what it means generally requires someone to translate a real, human question into a series of logical arguments. Advancements in artificial intelligence in 2018 will enable business users to ask their questions directly from their data stores - and get real answers back, without having to stop off at a SQL programmer along the way. Next up: product ads that follow you around the Internet recommending the next thing you want to buy, not the last thing you bought.

4. IaaS Price Wars Ignite - For Better and For Worse. Where once there was Amazon Web Services then everybody else, the market for public cloud storage and compute resources now has a three-headed monster in the lead (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud), and a hungry pack of upstarts not so far behind. To cut into market share and lay a defensible foundation, 2018 will be the year where leaders and followers alike will bet their hard-won investment dollars in aggressive price drops. On the bright side, this will accelerate the adoption of hybrid and all-cloud infrastructures, improving availability and service across the board; but the wars will be brutal, and will result in catastrophic failures of providers who will leave their customers scrambling. Next up: a simple, flexible way to use more than one IAAS provider so service can continue smoothly as the losers are knocked out of the war.

5. Every Device Is Connected. There are still a few devices that aren't connected to the Internet - expect that to come to an end in 2018. With advances in AI, in Big Data processing, and in cloud delivery, it will become economical to create some kind of value-added connection to any device. From the toaster that downloads shapes to toast into the bread, to the keychain that broadcasts its location, nothing will ever be an island unto itself ever again. Next up: automatic security updates to prevent the rise of the next great IoT botnet.


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Simon jones 

Simon Jones is the evangelist and head of marketing at Cedexis. An expert in Web, Cloud and SaaS technologies, he has experience spanning start-ups and mature organizations, and has held led teams across all disciplines, from software engineering to sales and marketing. A prolific writer and presenter throughout his over 20-year career in Silicon Valley, he has been featured at events including NAB, Casual Connect, and Streaming Media; and in publications across the technology landscape.

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