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Automated Solutions for Effective Human Resource Management


Mention workplace automation and the mind has a tendency to automatically leap towards the manufacturing sectors, with those images of production lines spitting out thousands of bars of chocolate very hour or car factories filled with robots and barely a human in sight.

The truth is, however, that automation goes far deeper into an organization, and while the back office applications might be less dramatic to look at, they can have a profound impact on productivity. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of human resource management software being pioneered by suppliers such as Advanced Systems Inc . Let's take a look at how the latest innovations can drive a business to greater success.

Managing resources

Every business is reliant on its resources to deliver products or services on time, and is constantly striving for maximum productivity and return on its investment. For example, an airline will invest millions in its aircraft fleet, and every minute the planes are standing on the tarmac equates to lost opportunity and dollars. Likewise, your local grocery store employs staff at the checkouts and is walking a constant tightrope of serving customers without delay against the danger of having more tills open than customers to serve.

Automating human resource management

Since time immemorial, business managers have used everything from inspired guesswork to the most complex mathematical models imaginable in an endeavor to optimize their resources. Yet in the 21st century environment, it does not take an IT genius to work out that when we are dealing with diverse inputs feeding large amounts of data into a complex system, there should be a software solution that will be able to come up with a solution quicker, cheaper and more effectively than a human.

In its simplest form, a resource management tool could be something as basic as a timesheet and perhaps an expense reporting spreadsheet. However, to get the optimum benefit, this can be combined with holistic ERP, EAM or CRM software.

What are the benefits?

A unified single central system that encompasses human resource management alongside each and every other process within the organization brings a host of benefits. These include the following:

  • Improved customer service levels
  • Enhanced business efficiencies, meaning reduced costs
  • Better financial control, meaning reduced risk
  • 360 degree view of all business processes, meaning problem areas are more easily identified.

Improved productivity is fundamental to success

It is no secret that organizations across all industries are operating in more crowded and competitive conditions than ever before. When looking at ways to gain a competitive edge, there is a growing need to seek answers from within the business's own processes. Making use of the most efficient tools to manage human resources is a perfect example of how small enhancements can help a company stay ahead of the pack.


Published Tuesday, December 05, 2017 8:52 AM by David Marshall
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