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CoreOS Tectonic 1.8 Delivers Industry's First Open Cloud Services for Enterprise Kubernetes

To enable hybrid and multi-platform flexibility, CoreOS, the creator of the Tectonic enterprise Kubernetes platform, today announced that Tectonic 1.8 will ship with industry-first Open Cloud Services that enable enterprises to deploy key infrastructure components with the ease and efficiency of managed cloud services, while avoiding cloud vendor lock-in.

Companies are embracing containerized infrastructure to enable modern, more scalable, agile, flexible IT. According to Gartner, "by 2020, more than 50 percent of global enterprises will be running containerized applications in production, up from less than 20 percent today" (Gartner, Market Guide for Container Management Software, Dennis Smith, Anne Thomas, Arun Chandrasekaran, 10 August 2017). Enterprises need to build for a cloud native world, while DevOps leaders must have the latitude to run their applications in the cloud or hybrid environment of their choice.

With the CoreOS Open Cloud Services Catalog, CoreOS provides enterprises an alternative to cloud vendors' proprietary services and APIs, offering the equivalent of cloud-based offerings, based on open source technologies that enable customers to build their infrastructures on the hybrid environments of their choice.

CoreOS Open Cloud Services are new, automated software services made available to Tectonic users on-demand and in their own environment. These services inherit the principles of their public cloud counterparts by taking care of the heavy lifting of maintaining open source projects by automating maintenance tasks including regular, one-click, zero-downtime updates, disaster recovery, horizontal scaling, and more. Open Cloud Services are unique in that they are not limited to any single compute platform, enabling enterprise users to have the freedom of true portability across a hybrid infrastructure.

The first services to debut in the CoreOS Open Cloud Services Catalog include etcd, the distributed key-value store that's the brain of Kubernetes, Prometheus, the leading open source monitoring solution, and Vault, a leading cloud native secrets management tool.

Tectonic: The Kubernetes platform for the enterprise

Tectonic is the platform enterprises trust for their production Kubernetes needs in their hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and on premise environments. World class companies like Booz Allen Hamilton and Campaign Monitor use Tectonic.

"Kubernetes is the clear leader in container orchestration, but its complexity can make it challenging to move into production," says Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, Cloud Management and Containers, 451 Research. "CoreOS's deep Kubernetes expertise and its continued focus on automating the operational tasks necessary for stable and secure Kubernetes deployments help CoreOS Tectonic meet the needs of enterprises seeking to accelerate and broaden their containerization efforts."

This release includes:

  • Pure upstream open source Kubernetes 1.8: Tectonic is always built on a foundation of upstream Kubernetes code with no forks or custom patches, so customers can deploy with confidence. Kubernetes 1.8 delivers important improvements in security, auditing, application management, and more.
  • Open Cloud Services Catalog beta: Software services are made available to Tectonic users on demand and in their own environment and are not limited to any single compute platform. They maintain and automate maintenance tasks such as regular, one-click, zero-downtime updates, disaster recovery, horizontal scaling, and more.
    • etcd Open Cloud Service: Provides application developers with free, automatically managed etcd clusters for use in their technology stacks. Now it's easier to use etcd to build modern distributed systems.
    • Prometheus Open Cloud Service: Provides an automatically managed and isolated monitoring stack for each of your operations and applications teams.
    • Vault Open Cloud Service: CoreOS recognizes Vault is a leading secrets management solution. CoreOS Vault Open Cloud Service is a free service offering that comes in Tectonic's new Open Cloud Services catalog. It is fully supported, and with a single manifest, users can create a secure, HA Vault service.
  • Prometheus 2.0: Tectonic 1.8 bundles the latest version of the preferred monitoring solution for Kubernetes, delivering dramatic performance improvements thanks to a rewritten storage engine.
  • Improved container runtime stability and flexibility: Tectonic now manages the installed version of the Docker Engine and updates it automatically to the latest validated release, beginning with Docker 17.03.

"Companies are relying on CoreOS to provide the enterprise-ready Kubernetes infrastructure they trust to run their applications in the cloud or hybrid environment of their choice," said Rob Szumski, product manager, Tectonic. "This Tectonic release is significant because it gives infrastructure leaders and managers the ability to expose these unique and powerful enterprise services to their teams, with the benefits of automated operations without worry of being tied to any one cloud provider."

Try Kubernetes with Tectonic

Open Cloud Services are included with Tectonic 1.8, which will ship in December 2017. To be notified via email when it becomes available, sign up here.

Existing customers will be able to upgrade from Tectonic 1.7 to Tectonic 1.8 with a single click from the Tectonic Console and no downtime, thanks to the Tectonic platform's hallmark automated operations capabilities.

Tectonic today is available across AWS, Azure and on-premises environments and is free to use for clusters of up to 10 nodes. Sign up to deploy a free cluster or to install a Sandbox demo and experimentation version on your local machine at

Published Tuesday, December 05, 2017 1:28 PM by David Marshall
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