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E8 Storage 2018 Predictions: The Proliferation of NVMe, Ethernet, and All-Flash Arrays

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Contributed by Zivan Ori, CEO, E8 Storage

The Proliferation of NVMe, Ethernet, and All-Flash Arrays

From my view at E8 Storage, I see a few things happening in the storage market that indicate shifts in standards, protocols and drives in 2018.

The NVMe protocol will become the standard for solid state drives over time. Single port 2.5" and PCIe card NVMe form factors have already been incorporated into server offerings from all major vendors, with higher performance than SATA for nearly equal $/GB. Dual port 2.5" form factor NVMe SSDs will drive the adoption of NVMe in storage systems, and adoption will accelerate as the $/GB approaches that of SAS SSDs.

As the NVMe protocol becomes more prevalent, various standards are emerging to support the NVMe protocol over various transport mediums (RoCE, Infiniband, FC, etc). Early variants of the standards have already been brought to market by emerging storage vendors such as E8 Storage. However, 2018 will see broader deployment of NVMe-compliant offerings from established vendors.

High-speed Ethernet continues to outpace other storage protocols, and will increase as data traffic is increasingly moved to Ethernet. Infrastructure hardware such as network adapters and Ethernet switches capable of 200Gb/s were introduced in 2017, and field deployments should begin in 2018 enterprise data centers update their networks.

Lastly, the introduction of very high-capacity SSDs in 2016 and 2017, as well as the continued cost reduction curve (2016/17 supply shortages notwithstanding), are fueling the transition of all flash arrays from niche applications to general purpose computing across the data centers, as we head into 2018. Many workloads previously run on HDD are either moving to all flash arrays, or alternatively moving to cloud-based services. 


About the Author

zivian ori 

Zivan Ori, CEO & Co-Founder, E8 Storage

Mr. Zivan Ori is the co-founder and CEO of E8 Storage. Before founding E8 Storage, Mr. Ori held the position of IBM XIV R&D Manager, being responsible for developing the IBM XIV high-end, grid-scale storage system, and served as Chief Architect at Stratoscale, a provider of hyper-converged infrastructure. Prior to IBM XIV, Mr. Ori headed Software Development at Envara (acquired by Intel) and served as VP R&D at Onigma (acquired by McAfee).

Published Thursday, December 07, 2017 7:25 AM by David Marshall
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