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EasyStack Launched EKS at 2017 #KubeCon and #CloudNativeCon

EasyStack, the leading open cloud computing company, launched EKS, the EasyStack Kubernetes Service, which is Kubernetes based enterprise container clustering solution, providing capabilities such as orchestration, scheduling, security, operations and maintenance, including many other aspects of management to achieve integration of application and infrastructure resources.

The year 2017 witnessed tremendous trends in cloud native application, which enables enterprise customers with more agile and scalable infrastructure. EasyStack has been developed open cloud computing and container orchestration technologies to deliver solution to help customer meet the new trends and challenge. In Q1 this year, EasyStack officially launched its Kubernetes based enterprise container clustering solution ESContainer, which entitled EasyStack one of the top enterprise open source companies globally providing both OpenStack and Kubernetes products.    

With the rename and upgrade of ESContainer, EKS (EasyStack Kubernetes Service) together with the EasyStack portfolio delivers the enhanced features to enable the next generation application delivery and operation.

  • Muti-cloud and Hybrid Cloud: today the smart enterprises will dynamically balance its workload between public cloud and private clouds, according to the expense and level of service agreement requirement. It is typical that one enterprise owns several clouds. EKS enables enterprise to deploy Kubernetes clusters both in private clouds and public clouds, co-work with the virtual machines and even bare metal in the cloud environment, and provide a single control panel for management. EKS empowers enterprises' Muti-cloud and Hybrid Cloud strategy and provides a dynamic infrastructure.
  • Visual orchestration: enterprise user can orchestrate not only infrastructure but also the application in EKS through the simple drag and drop way, and application will be deployed in seconds by a single click. This will greatly reduce the cost of operation, which releases the enterprise user's effort in business innovation.
  • Application marketplace: EKS introduces the very rich containerized application ecosystem to all enterprise users by leveraging the advanced matured third party application in application marketplace. Application marketplace provides cloud native application development and deployment framework and operation and management platform for enterprise users.
  • Dev/Ops: by leveraging a serial of tool chain, EKS greatly accelerate the delivery of enterprise applications, which meet the fast changing business requirements challenge by providing an agile infrastructure.
  • Enhanced security: EKS provides an end to end security solutions to enterprise customers with enterprise production ready. EKS can automatically scan and detect the bugs at the code level of user's application and compare to the most updated library to report all of the bugs and even give suggestions for bug-fixes. This will greatly enhance the reliability and security of enterprise applications, provide the solid foundation of infrastructure.
  • Fusion stack: EKS integrates and fuses Kubernetes and OpenStack technologies by producing an end result that is far greater than the sum of two: ESCloud focuses on the data center infrastructure management and supports the operations of traditional business applications. EKS focuses on providing a one-stop platform for the transformation of applications in the new enterprise. These two solutions complement each other leading to the evolution of an infrastructure platform well suited to solve issues arising from the consolidation of multiple heterogeneous data center environments, which in turn fuels and motivates innovation in enterprises.
  • Certified Kubernetes: By upgrading its Kubernetes to latest stable version, EKS has passed Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program. That means our customers can run their workloads on EKS without having to modify their applications that can successfully runs on other Kubernetes installation. This significantly guarantees portability and interoperability of customers' applications.

With the features EKS (EasyStack Kubernetes Service) and EasyStack portfolio delivered, enterprise customers can gain agility, scalability, and reliability of their infrastructure, and pay more focus on the business innovation through cloud native application evolution.

Published Friday, December 08, 2017 9:08 AM by David Marshall
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