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Adaptiva 2018 Predictions: How Automation Will Empower IT Teams in 2018

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Contributed by Daniel Okine, Senior Director of Product Management, Adaptiva

How Automation Will Empower IT Teams in 2018

Moving into 2018, IT teams are under pressure. They've got the migration to Windows 10 to worry about. They're dealing with the transition to Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and challenges arising from more remote workers. They are also responsible for system maintenance as well as thwarting cyberattacks-and perhaps the most dreaded task of all: performing routine system updates. Will we see bigger, broader IT teams in 2018? Not likely. But, I do predict this will be the year that automation becomes essential across all facets of system management. Here's how this will play out:

Making the Most of Windows 10 - Microsoft continues to march toward its goal of a billion Windows 10 devices. While it won't hit this number in 2018, hundreds of thousands more machines will migrate to the new OS. What happens when they do? The work isn't finished. Windows 10 is the most secure operating system created thus far, but it's only effective if a company's endpoints are correctly configured to take advantage of the new security features. Automation is the key. By relying on new solutions to automatically check the security configuration management settings of endpoints, diagnose any problems, and immediately resolve issues, IT professionals will finally be able to keep up with the pace of troubleshooting and resolve endpoint security issues on a massive scale.

Transitioning to UEM - Because the transition from Microsoft SCCM to full UEM will also take a few more years to complete, companies will increasingly turn to co-management solutions in 2018 as a bridge that works with their timetables-without compromising security. When seeking options to automate this process, companies will look for cloud-enabled solutions that leverage technologies that work across the continuum, from traditional PCLM to UEM. Any delivery mechanism should make it possible to work with a single agent that is intelligent enough to run updates and applications from on-premise to mobile at the same time. Additionally, the best solutions will support all device types so that they can function effectively.

Managing and Updating Systems - After a year that featured several devastating security breaches, including cyberattacks WannaCry and Petya that could have easily been prevented, routine updates will become an absolute priority. More companies will outsource endpoint management in 2018 to vendors that can quickly and reliably update every endpoint without compromising network performance. In doing so, enterprises will see a dramatic impact on overall network security as well as on IT teams that often lack the time and/or appropriate skillsets to create custom automations. This will result in endpoints that are shorn up while liberating IT teams to address other issues without worrying about basic but essential updates.

Expect many other exciting developments in 2018, such as sophisticated application of AI and voice recognition technology, to further escalate the trend of automation across the IT security landscape. While the pace of change in the enterprise has traditionally been slow, there will be significant advances in the year ahead.


About the Author

Daniel Okine 

Daniel Okine, senior director of product management, is responsible for setting product vision and roadmap at Adaptiva, using data from market trends and opportunities, competitive landscape, and customer needs to develop a global strategy for the company's endpoint management platform and products. Daniel drives the technical priorities and programs at Adaptiva in collaboration with key stakeholders in engineering and marketing. For more information on Adaptiva, the market leader in modern endpoint management and security, please visit, and follow the company at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Published Tuesday, December 12, 2017 7:46 AM by David Marshall
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