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Digital Transformation: Experts Identify What's to Come in 2018 for the Merging of IT and Business Departments

As the wave of digital transformation continues to wash over companies of all sizes in all sectors, they are turning to software and IT to lead the charge. This in turn gives IT a much bigger seat at the table as this department advises the wider business teams on next steps and moves to make. 2018 will see IT take on this advisory role more fully and embrace the insight that IT leaders can bring to changes and challenges within the business. Industry experts from the likes of Sinequa, Plutora and Zerto look at what's to come in 2018 for the merging of IT and business departments.

"As enterprise data continues to accumulate at an exponential rate, large organizations are finally getting a handle on how to collect, store, access and analyze it. While that's a tremendous achievement, simply gathering and reporting on data is only half of the battle in the ultimate goal of unleashing that data as a transformative business force. Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities will make 2018 the year when enterprises officially enter the 'information-driven' era, an era in which actionable information and insights are provided to individual employees for specific tasks where and when they need it. This transformation will finally fulfill the promise of the information-driven enterprise, allowing organizations and employees to achieve unprecedented efficiency and innovation." - Scott Parker, Senior Product Manager, Sinequa

"In 2018, we will continue to hear a lot about companies taking on this journey called ‘digital transformation.' The part that we are going to have to start grappling with is that there is no metric for knowing when we get there - when a company is digitally transformed. The reality is that it is a process, with phases and gates - just like software development itself. A parallel that is extremely relevant.

In fact, digital transformation in 2017, and looking ahead to 2018, is all about software. The ‘bigger, better, faster, cheaper' notion of the 90s, largely focused around hardware, is gone. Hardware is commoditized, disposable and simply an access point to software. The focus is squarely on software and unlimited data storage to push us forward. Now the pressure is on the companies building software to continue to lead the way and push us forward." - Bob Davis, CMO at Plutora

"When it comes to having a successful business in 2018 and gaining an edge over competitors, IT is almost certainly going to be taking a bigger seat at the table. This is especially important in the current cyber climate where attacks like ransomware are becoming more prevalent. CIOs, CFOs and their teams will start working together more strategically to form a comprehensive, resilient IT strategy. Regular meetings should take place where the CFO and the CIO examine IT risks, discuss how to mitigate them and evaluate if the CIO has adequate resources to handle any potential threats. This collaboration will be crucial to ensure businesses are not just multiple steps ahead of hackers, but are also building resilient IT infrastructures that give them the foundation they need recover easily, swiftly and without any downtime if a cyber security threat becomes a reality." - Harry Smith, Technology Evangelist, Zerto

In recent years, IT has made itself a dominant component in today's business world, and 2018 is unlikely to be any different. IT will be front and center at many of the decisions that happen in next year and beyond as IT and business leadership come together to make one dynamic duo.

Published Wednesday, January 03, 2018 9:04 AM by David Marshall
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