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PolicyPak Software 2018 Predictions: MDM and VDI Builds Steam

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Contributed by Jeremy Moskowitz, founder and CEO of PolicyPak Software

MDM and VDI Builds Steam

The concept of Unified Endpoint Management-managing Windows with the same tools used for mobile devices continues to be a hot topic. Windows has evolved to the point where it can be managed as a mobile device, however traditional management is so entrenched in IT that challenges are still an issue. Mobile Device Management (MDM) will continue to be standard for mobile devices, but not yet overcoming fat systems like Group Policy, SCCM or other deep management solutions (with inventory capabilities, and so on).

Richer management:

Microsoft is suggesting that with MDM you can do more with less. But that remains to be seen as of 2017. I think 2018 will more likely be the year of richer management and less is more management.

Some organizations are going to want to double-down and manage their new Windows 10 investment and manage the operating system, browsers, Java, applications settings, profile management and so on.

Some others, most notably "green field" deployments of Windows will be using MDM with its "less is more" management style, but still find that in order to do some key things, they might need to lean on 3rd party tools to fill the gap between where MDM leaves off.

Management Trends:

Microsoft Ignite 2017 announced the idea of co-management. This is the idea where a PC can get managed from multiple sources, say, Windows Intune and SCCM at the same time, and you can move "workloads over." I don't expect much movement in co-management in 2018, as it's just about to get off the ground; but I do expect some customers to give some workloads a try on some machines and make some judgement calls.

PC Trends:

Windows 10 will start to finally become the norm in corporate and PC land. And even Grandma will say goodbye to her old Windows 7 machine this year. Some companies will flirt with the new Windows 10S, but I don't expect big rollouts, except for maybe an airline or two target customers. But Windows 10S is trying to compete with Chromebooks, and I think there's a little room before they catch up. PCs in the cloud will still be outside the norm, VDI taking on a little more steam, but still laptops and desktops will rule. Windows Autpilot is a new method to roll out brand new PCs, and I expect the big manufacturers to come on board in 2018.


About the Author

Jeremy Moskowitz 

Jeremy Moskowitz, Founder & CTO, PolicyPak Software, Microsoft MVP

Jeremy Moskowitz founded PolicyPak Software after working with hundreds of customers with the same problem: they couldn't manage their applications, browsers and operating systems using the technology they already utilized.

So, he designed a solution to work with administrators, and nor replace what they already knew. He's still busy providing ever-better and more tailored solutions to that basic problem through PolicyPak Software. Jeremy also founded, a community portal for all things Group Policy. Jeremy's best-selling Group Policy books are on the desks of happy administrators everywhere.

Jeremy holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Delaware, was one of the first MCSEs in the world, and has been designated an MVP in Group Policy by Microsoft for over a decade.

Published Wednesday, January 03, 2018 7:36 AM by David Marshall
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