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Mist 2018 Predictions: Virtual Wireless Assistants Will Become a Reality

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Contributed by Bob Friday, CTO and co-founder at Mist

Virtual Wireless Assistants Will Become a Reality

2017 was the year we saw Artificial Intelligence take off. Today, almost everyone in business is looking at how to leverage AI and there is no shortage of vendors looking to capitalize on the trend. Whether users are trying to build a system that can play Jeopardy, help a doctor diagnose cancer, or help an IT administrator diagnose wireless problems, AI is touching numerous industries and verticals at an unprecedented pace and we are just on the cusp of its true potential.

Today, AI is making IT organizations smarter, faster, and more efficient than ever before - and before we know it, AI will be at the core of every technology industry sector -- whether it be cloud, big data, analytics, networking, storage, or security.

In 2018, I foresee AI accelerating across even more industries and making major advancements to the already thriving wireless industry. We'll see jobs completed faster and more efficiently with the introduction of new virtual assistants who will be able to answer questions on par with domain experts and allow users to proactively identify and fix problems and predict future events more quickly and reliably. Imagine a virtual wireless assistant that combines quality data, domain expertise and syntax (metrics, classifiers, root causes, correlations, and ranking) to provide predictive recommendations on how to avoid problems and actionable insights on how to remediate existing issues.

There are decades of innovation ahead for AI. The computing power that exists today makes things possible that couldn't be done five years ago. With new applications popping up every day, we are at the forefront of a new era of machine/human interaction that will completely transform the way we live, work and play on par with the internet. While we are a long way from having machines replace IT administrators, virtual wireless assistants are now a reality.


About the Author

Bob Friday 

Bob is CTO and co-founder of Mist, a pioneer in smart wireless networking for the smart device era. Bob started his career in wireless at Metricom (Ricochet wireless network) developing and deploying wireless mesh networks across the country to connect the first generation of Internet browsers. Following Metricom, Bob co-founded Airespace, a startup focused on helping enterprises manage the flood of employees bringing unlicensed Wi-Fi technology into their businesses. Following Cisco's acquisition of Airespace in 2005, Bob became the VP/CTO of Cisco enterprise mobility and drove mobility strategy and investments in the wireless business (e.g. Navini, Cognio, ThinkSmart, Phunware, Wilocity, Meraki). He also drove industry standards such as Hot Spot 2.0 and market efforts such as Cisco's Connected Mobile Experience. He holds more than 15 patents. 

Published Friday, January 05, 2018 7:53 AM by David Marshall
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