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Netskope 2018 Predictions: Cloud Security and the Quest for Privacy in the Digital Age

VMblog Predictions 2018

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Contributed by Sanjay Beri, Founder and CEO, Netskope

Cloud Security and the Quest for Privacy in the Digital Age

In 2017, the world saw a hard-hitting series of cybersecurity breaches - often due to careless oversight - that led to exposure of sensitive data from various enterprises and government entities. Whether these attacks were intended to steal private data, earn a ransom fee or just simply wreak havoc, it reminded organizations of all sizes that they need to better leverage security tools to be vigilant in guarding against bad actors and employee negligence alike.

After working closely throughout the year with customers across every industry and identifying their most pressing security point points, here are three of my most stand-out predictions for the world of cybersecurity in 2018.

In 2018, three quarters of companies or apps will be ruled out of compliance with GDPR and at least one major corporation will be fined to the highest extent in 2018 to set an example for others. Three quarters (75.4%) of cloud services were not ready per Netskope's September cloud report on GDPR compliance readiness. I predict little change by May's deadline. Most companies are preparing internally by performing more security assessments and recruiting a mix of security professionals with privacy expertise and lawyers, but with the deadline quickly approaching, it's clear the bulk of businesses are woefully behind and may not be able to avoid these consequences.

In the aftermath of numerous AWS S3 bucket misconfigurations, businesses will restructure their security tools to prioritize intuitive platforms that anyone can navigate. In 2018, companies will be far pickier about choosing security tools, relying on "best of breed" products that allow easy integration with their other security tools to create a holistic multi-vendor security suite. In light of the cybersecurity skills gap, business leaders will also choose tools that are easy for non-security experts to understand. Leaders without a formal cybersecurity background are increasingly just as critical to the safety of a company's data as the Chief Security Officer, and companies will invest in tools that everyone can understand.

In 2018, companies will prioritize the cloud to manage security. More than ever, business leaders will search for security solutions that mitigate blind spots across the cloud, including activity conducted across off-network access or on personal devices. Today's workforce is mobile and distributed; legacy tools can't see devices that are unattached to an enterprise network (i.e. mobile) so more businesses will turn to independent cloud security companies to more effectively connect the dots.


About the Author

Sanjay Beri

Sanjay Beri, Founder and CEO, Netskope

Sanjay Beri brings nearly two decades of innovation, experience, and success in networking and security technology, and a unique business sense, to his role as founder and CEO of Netskope. He has held leadership positions at Juniper Networks, Ingrian Networks, McAfee and numerous other companies.

Published Friday, January 05, 2018 7:32 AM by David Marshall
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