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Jamf 2018 Predictions: Apple Predictions - Machine Learning, IoT and Mobile

VMblog Predictions 2018

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2018.  Read them in this 10th annual series exclusive.

Contributed by Dean Hager, CEO at Jamf

2018 Apple Predictions

In 2018, we'll see the rise of machine learning and augmented reality

Machine learning is already present with Apple to an extent, as Siri provides suggestions based on your search history, but the possibilities of machine learning could be virtually endless in the future by leveraging the entire Apple ecosystem. Augmented reality (AR) is going to be monumental in education and healthcare. In education, AR will bring students to another place, culture, time and allow them a learning experience unlike any other. Real "field trips" done in real time, right from the classroom. And, as most of us know, a hospital stay is not very pleasant. While iPad at the patient bedside is drastically improving the healthcare experience, imagine a future where a patient can virtually checkout of their room and take a break from the stress of treatment.

In 2018, we'll see IoT for industry automation

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices that are able to connect and exchange data, and as of today, IoT is predominantly for home automation. I envision this changing to include hotel rooms, hospital rooms, classrooms and conference rooms. You simply use your voice to tell any of your Apple devices how to behave. Want to display your watch, iPad, iPhone or Mac on the Apple TV that's in the room? Voice command and done. Have a large file you need to share with your doctor, classmate or colleague? AirDrop and done. No other ecosystem is as connected as Apple, and their ability to communicate with the devices you own, along with other Apple devices you want them to interact with, is unmatched.

In 2018, mobile device management will take a step forward

Apple Watch currently doesn't have management capabilities. This was the same story for Apple TV devices until earlier this year. But with the introduction of tvOS 10.2, IT admins could automate deployment, setup and configurations for their Apple TVs. If Apple Watch wants to go mainstream in an industry, such as healthcare, it will need management. Why? If a doctor were to prescribe an Apple Watch to a patient to closely monitor their health activities, IT needs to be able to put restrictions on the device to ensure security and privacy of the patient's information, and once the Apple Watch is returned, it must be wiped and reset for the next patient. 


About the Author

dean hager 

Dean Hager manages the overall operations and resources at Jamf. He holds extensive executive experience with more than 25 years in the software industry.

Prior to Jamf, Dean was CEO of Kroll Ontrack, a market leader in providing data recovery and e-discovery solutions. He also served 14 years with Lawson Software in a variety of executive roles and nine years with IBM, where he earned four U.S. patents.

Dean holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and mathematics from St. Cloud State University and a master's degree in management from St. Mary's University.

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