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OSIsoft 2018 Predictions: When it comes to IoT, data is the lowest common denominator

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Contributed by Gregg Le Blanc, Vice President of Products, OSIsoft

When it comes to IoT, data is the lowest common denominator

In our digital, connected age, the velocity and volume of data have skyrocketed and will continue to. Reading through my 2018 predictions for the IoT sector below, you'll find that the lowest common denominator is data - it undergirds everything in our world today.

IoT graduates to critical infrastructure. IoT sensors are used more and more beyond just transactional data for the consumer. In fact, the biggest growth area for IoT is the industrial sector. As sensors and devices become more integrated into common processes at utilities, manufacturing plants and other facilities critical to everyday life, IoT will become critical infrastructure in the same way that energy, water and agriculture are now. In 2018, this conversation will gain momentum and lead to an official designation in the next several years.

Blockchain goes beyond currency. In 2018, we'll see the decoupling of blockchain from the popular currency model - allowing the blockchain to be used more practically for industrial applications. This allows organizations using contract manufacturing - such as those in the food and beverage industry or in pharmaceutical manufacturing - to help manage contractors and provide the organization with effective reporting on what is happening at outside plants.

The debate around data ownership heats up. Consumers and corporations are just now starting  to grapple with the concept of data ownership. 2018 will see even more spirited  debates and negotiations about how and when an organization can use individual consumer data. Expect consumers to assert their rights to their data. It's entirely possible that we'll see the beginning of an economic model where consumers sell their data to companies in exchange for certain benefits such as a consistent utilities bill.

Big data is only relevant in context. For years, there has been a lot of buzz  around big data: collecting it, analyzing it and using it to make decisions. In 2018, it will be more important for organizations to have context presented immediately with their big data - rather than relying on analysts to do the heavy lifting to decipher massive amounts of data. Context is what you package with the data to make an informed decision. Not only that,  contextual information about standard operations for a specific device (e.g. the temperature a machine should operate at or the weight of a finished product) is critical to making timely and smart decisions about business operations.

LTE goes private. Infrastructure will move toward handling IoT workloads in a more secure manner. In 2017, a small number of organizations deployed private LTE cellular networks - without a carrier - which allows them to register only known devices on a network at any given time by regulating it at the hardware level. Because of IoT adoptions as well as growing security concerns, we will see private LTE networks really take off. They will be widely adopted across the business world, particularly in industries managing critical functions or highly sensitive data.


About the Author

Gregg LeBlanc 

Gregg Le Blanc is OSIsoft's Vice President of Products. He is also a member of OSIsoft's Technical Steering Committee (TSC), which is responsible for crafting the OSIsoft Product Development Roadmap. He has a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara.

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