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ProsperWorks 2018 Predictions: Dirty Data Will Get More Costly in 2018

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Contributed by Jon Lee, CEO and founder of ProsperWorks

Dirty Data Will Get More Costly in 2018

In 2017, the hype around AI was deafening. And while a lot still remains unclear about the capabilities and powers of AI, it is abundantly clear that the foundation of any good AI play is the data it ingests. With that in mind, here are three trends I see motivating IT departments in 2018:

Waking up to the cost of dirty data: Whether its erroneous sales forecasts and poor customer relationship management, or the time lost having to manually check and correct inaccurate system information, the cost of dirty data is not cheap. In 2018, companies will begin focusing on ways to ensure data quality and data standardization across their organizations, realizing that clean data powers everything from fiscal year estimates to the machine-learning algorithms powering enterprise software.

Design takes center stage in the enterprise: Despite the plethora of innovative new solutions that have hit the market in the past year, one problem remains inherent in the majority of enterprise software: design. Clunky, hard-to-use tools are increasingly becoming a pain point, and in 2018, companies that fail to prioritize design will begin losing business to a younger cohort of startups that provide enterprise software with a consumer-like experience.

AI: over-promising, under-delivering: As interest in AI has grown, so has the interest in its potential to bring sweeping changes to the way we work. However, regardless of DeepMind's ability to beat the best Go player in the world, to date AI's impact on the enterprise has been minimal. In 2018 the attention will be on results, not hype. The smartest enterprises will focus on ensuring their machine learning and automation capabilities bring measurable business results, leaving the trendier gimmicks to marketing departments.


About the Author

Jon Lee 

Serial entrepreneur by trade, Jon Lee knows a thing or two about running a business. Jon started in investment banking at Merrill Lynch, moved to run a large operations team at Yahoo, and later founded Bazaar Advertising Solutions and DNA Games, acquired by Epic Media Group and Zynga, respectively. He then started ProsperWorks to give every company easy-to-use tools to help them grow. 

Published Thursday, January 18, 2018 7:15 AM by David Marshall
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