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SAP 2018 Predictions: Living in a Multi-Cloud Reality

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Contributed by Dan Lahl, Global Vice President, SAP Cloud Platform Product Marketing, SAP

2018: Living in a Multi-Cloud Reality

In 2018, I expect to see more and more businesses adopting a multi-cloud strategy rather than locking themselves in to one hyper-scale cloud vendor and their finite set of platform services. This wave of digital native transformation in the coming year will enable developers to quickly deliver apps that delight users. All while IT leadership will need to put agile, open and flexible environments in place to enable this rapid app development.

Multi-Cloud on the Rise

I'm not alone in this perspective - IDC believes more than 85% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to multi-cloud architectures by 2018, while a recent survey reveals multi-cloud is the future of all enterprises, with 50 percent of the organizations using more than one IaaS vendor. Nearly 85 percent of the multi-cloud organizations are managing up to 4 clouds, and a few are using as many as 8 or 9 vendors.

In addition, Gartner believes more enterprise organizations than ever before are analyzing their current technology portfolio and defining a cloud strategy that encompasses multiple cloud platforms. Cloud Foundry meets these needs, allowing organizations to leverage the cloud platform that suits specific app workloads, and move those workloads as they see fit. Gartner predicted that multi-cloud strategies will jump from less than 10 percent to more than 70 percent by 2018.

A Powerful Combination

It's clear that people, companies and things have become increasingly interconnected through advancements in mobility, networks and sensors. Add in the agility of the cloud and you have a powerful combination that challenges the traditional ways of doing business.

This digital transformation forces developers and IT to move faster - driving the adoption of multi-cloud for flexible growth and development strategies. The need for multi-cloud adoption varies between companies, but whether they choose this infrastructure to gain better control of overwhelming workloads or to help with downtime or data loss, multi-cloud has a number of benefits including cost savings, choice and flexibility.

Running IT services in the cloud is like requesting an Uber or Lyft - there are differences in structure, sharing and amenities, but it often comes down to price. Uber and Lyft have a variety of sharing options, such as Uber Express Pool or Lyft Line but, ultimately, riders make a choice between price and convenience. Similarly, organizations leveraging multi-cloud can mix and match cloud solutions based on broader business preferences, such as compatibility with existing architectures.

Creativity on the Horizon

The rapid app development and delivery that multi-cloud fosters will lead to new unique innovations and business model transformations in 2018, as organizations will have more freedom to create and reinvent than ever before. To remain competitive, organizations must weigh the benefits and challenges of multi-cloud innovation for their own business or risk getting disrupted.


About the Author

Dan Lahl 

Dan Lahl, Vice President of Product Marketing at SAP, has been in high tech for over 30 years, with extensive experience in data management, data warehousing and analytics. While at SAP Dan has led emerging technology initiatives, including Data Integration, Data Grid, In-Memory Database and Mobile BI. Dan is currently focused on growing SAP Cloud Platform business for SAP. Dan has degrees from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago. In his off hours, Dan enjoys paddleboarding, skiing and rooting for bay area sports teams.  

Published Thursday, January 18, 2018 7:21 AM by David Marshall
SAP 2018 Predictions: Living in a Multi-Cloud Reality | SAP Online Portal - (Author's Link) - January 18, 2018 3:00 PM
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