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Schneider Electric 2018 Predictions: User-Defined Edge

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Contributed by Joseph Reele, Vice President, Datacenter Solution Architects at Schneider Electric

2018 Predictions: User-Defined Edge

New use cases born from latency-sensitive applications and the need to process and analyze data more efficiently are making the concept of edge computing seem new. However, having compute power close to a core group of users has long been standard in the form of IT closets - which are also a form of edge. What is changing is the growing importance of these mini data centers, which are becoming critical to operations, user experience and driving business. 

In 2018, we'll see more edge deployments in healthcare, industry, colocation, retail and education. We will not define edge in these applications by size or location; rather, by its application - one that depends on the technology within it and how that technology is utilized. 

As edge becomes more prevalent, hybrid environments result, pushing organizations to develop a diffused data center deployment strategy. The need to monitor these diffused deployments from a centralized location will promote the use of software.

In addition, cell tower edge, driven by consumer demands, will begin to emerge. Both content and cellular providers stand to be the firsts to benefit from this model. Content providers need to deliver an optimal experience for users streaming movies, music, and news content - requiring improved speed; cellular providers are looking at ways to reduce their backhaul charges while supporting increased data streaming demands.

Given this context, and as we enter the age of AI and autonomous vehicles, 2018 will also see an evolution in the way edge data centers are designed, built, operated, and maintained.


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Joe Reele 

Joseph Reele Vice President, Datacenter Solution Architects at Schneider Electric, responsible for bringing together the full suite of Schneider Electric products and services to provide unparalleled right sized, innovative and complete solutions for our customers. Joe influences and inspires a large team of highly talented professionals to provide cutting edge designs, innovative solutions and operational models for Mission Critical Facilities/Operations. Joe has an impressive track record of more than 10 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business unit development and growth, project development, operations management, and system engineering strategies. Joe provides strong technical and leadership skills with proven ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical operational business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the customer's business objectives.

Published Friday, January 19, 2018 7:35 AM by David Marshall
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