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Virtualization Certification? Here Are Top Courses for IT Professionals


At the start of the new year, people usually make resolutions to start off on a sound note. This year, IT professionals are resolving to get a virtualization certification.

The current information technology market is highly-competitive, and virtualization is a key requirement to stay ahead. Its popularity is also driven by the rise of cloud computing and networking. This article lists five major virtualization certifications this year.

Why is virtualization important?

Over the past few years, even in fickle economic times, IT job opportunities in virtualization have always remained relevant in the job market.

While studying top paying and sought-after IT jobs in the last six years, we observed at least one virtualization requirement in every opportunity. This proves how important virtualization is as a skill every IT pro must possess- especially if you will be working with networks, systems or architecture and infrastructure.

Virtualization offers a technology space where the platform is key, which is why major certifications come from providers who own their virtualization equipment and platforms. Examples include VMware, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft and HP. While there are other virtualization providers, they don't compete in the same niche as these players.

IT professionals choose to specialize in virtualization technologies because they offer attractive remuneration on the IT payscale and several career opportunities in the industry.

Here are the major virtualization certification companies for IT Pros in 2018.

     1. CCNP Data Centre: Cisco Certified Network Professional

Cisco is no stranger in the IT pro world. They offer a portfolio of data center certifications aimed at helping IT professionals validate their skills in design, implementation, troubleshooting. This helps them in maintaining enterprise level data centers that host applications critical for business.

Cisco Data Center certified professionals are qualified to perform roles in data center network management technologies, including physical and virtual resources, unified communications, automation, advanced virtualization, and application of cloud services.

Cisco data center portfolio offers qualifications at associate, professionals and expert levels. They are:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate- Data Center (CCNA Data Center)

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional

  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

Each certification varies in course outline, duration and cost.

     2. HPE Product Certified Solutions

Hewlett Packard offers a comprehensive certification program that includes HPE sales certifications and technical-oriented professional certifications.

This professional qualification is open to people keen on working with HP technologies. Only Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) or HPE Partner employees can obtain a HPE Partner Restricted certification.

Besides its Career Professional credentials, HPE also provides various Product Certified qualifications for participants specializing in one or two HPE product solution areas.

Hewlett Packard currently offers 3 Product Certified and 6 Career Professional credentials centered on virtualizations and data centers. All Career Professional credentials are exclusive to experienced professional candidates with an Accredited Technical Professional (ATP), Master ASE designation or Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE).

     3. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

Microsoft has a strong certification portfolio providing credentials in six main areas namely, Productivity, Mobility, Cloud (Platform and Infrastructure), Data, Business and App Builder.

Virtualization credentials are included in the Cloud (Platform and Infrastructure) category. This group of certifications is meant for IT professionals working with SaaS (Service as a Software) and infrastructure solutions designed on Microsoft Azure and Windows Server applications.

Microsoft credentials are available in three categories:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (Entry-level qualifications)

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (Professional-level qualifications)

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (Expert-level qualification)

Lower level credentials (or corresponding skills) are traditionally offered as a pre-requisite for higher level ones. Microsoft offers Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certifications to IT pros at all skill levels. The first qualification in the cloud certification tier is the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA).

     4. Oracle VM 3.0 for x86 Certified Implementation Specialist- CIS

While different certifications in the virtualization market are available in Oracle's certification portfolio, they only give 2 server virtualization certifications. This is exclusively for IT pros already using with Oracle VM products;

  • The Oracle VM 2.0 for x86 (CIS)

  • The Oracle VM 3.0 for x86 (CIS)

In this section, we will be focusing on the Oracle VM 3.0 CIS. While this certification is open any candidate, it was developed for members of the Oracle Partner Network. It is most suitable for IT pros who sell Oracle VM solutions as well as those who support and implement Oracle VM solutions.

The Oracle VM 3.0 CIS is for intermediate level candidates. Those who are successful should be experienced in OVM 3.0 Server technology, as well as installing OVN 3.0 Manger and OVM 3.0 Server, storage, network configuration, server pool creation and template management.

      5. VMware Certified Professional 6.5 Data Center

VMware has virtual machines, hypervisors and related technologies that dominate the virtualization market, it should therefore come as no surprise that the company has a comprehensive, multi-tiered certification program.

VMware's series of virtualization credentials are not only established in the IT industry but highly sought-after among IT pros. There are Associate, Professional, Advanced Professional and Design Expert tiers of qualifications for interested candidates.

The company has several "badges" open to all professionals and the certification program includes four solution tracks:

  • Data Center Virtualization

  • Cloud Management and Automation

  • Network Virtualization

  • Desktop and Mobility

Brendan Wilde, Marketing Manager at Umbrellar, believes that Network Virtualization will be more common among IT Pros in the web hosting industry in 2018. However, Cloud Management and Automation are equally relevant among the ranks, he adds.

"With the rise of cloud computing in today's business environment, a virtualization certification is always an added benefit for the upcoming IT professional," he says.

Beyond the above listed certification providers, there are other vendors with good visualization credentials. You can also turn up a suitable course by conducting a quick internet search or visiting certification forums such as

With the high demand for virtualization solutions and certified professionals, this niche will be richly rewarding to any IT pro who increases the number of credentials in their portfolio.

The new year has just begun, are your resolutions complete? There might be room for just one more addition!
Published Monday, January 22, 2018 8:50 AM by David Marshall
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