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How Cloud Contact Centers Will Revolutionize Customer Service in 2018


Most business owners are devoted to offering the best customer service possible. From providing great products and services at amazing prices to always being there for their customers to answer questions, owners and managers typically understand the importance of customer service and do what they can to take care of their valued clients.

However, in some cases, business owners and their teams of employees can get so busy with the nitty gritty tasks of running the company — for example, creating the products and services and figuratively putting out a variety of fires during the day — that they may end up missing important calls from new and potential customers and run out of time to return messages.

This situation has inspired business owners to turn to cloud contact centers to handle some or all of their incoming calls. As it turns out, there are a number of definite benefits to using this type of service for both the company and the customer. Check out the following advantages:

For the Company

Cloud contact centers are usually very budget-friendly and cost less than hiring additional employees at your company to answer calls. In addition, adding staff people usually requires spending more on office and computer equipment, and if you expand your team enough you might also have to move into a pricier building space. On the other hand, if you opt for a cloud solution, you won’t have to spend money on any of the aforementioned things and as a bonus, the cloud contact center program and features can usually be upgraded for very little money and often include a free trial to make sure you like the service.

For the Customers

Oftentimes, when customers call a company with a question or an issue, they have already tried to solve the problem on their own and they are feeling a tad frustrated. They also expect that once they reach a customer service department, their problem will be resolved quickly. Therefore, it is essential that companies clearly map out how problems will be resolved, and make that process as easy as understand as possible for both the customer and the CSR who picks up the phone.

One contact center that has done an outstanding job of doing this is the Internal Revenue Service; the IRS provides tax help for people from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Because there is such a huge variety of questions and issues that people have when calling about their taxes, the IRS’s contact center uses an automated system to ensure that everyone on the phone ends up being connected to the correct person. For example, the caller will press 1 if she is calling about with questions about her refund, and will advise the caller to have her social security number, filing status and other info handy. If a caller has questions about his personal income taxes, he should press 2 and then 2 again for help about a current form. While it will take a few minutes of listening to the instructions and pressing the correct numbers, the caller will ultimately be connected to the correct IRS agent the first time, thus reducing his or her stress level and getting the needed help as soon as possible.

For the Company and Customer

By using a cloud contact center, it is easier to expand your hiring range to the entire country or even worldwide instead of just looking for employees in your area. This can result in hiring a professional and uber-friendly team of cloud-based CSR reps who have loads of experience and can handle customer calls with ease. In addition, cloud contact centers often staff agents 24/7/365, so if a potential customer has a question after typical business hours, he or she can speak with someone after midnight or early in the morning who can answer questions and place the order.

While you might want to speak personally to each and every one of your customers, you are so busy running your increasingly successful company, you merely don’t have the time. Instead of adding more members to your team, which means more salaries to pay and equipment to buy, look into cloud contact centers and their affordable, friendly and efficient way of doing business — you’ll be glad you did!

Published Tuesday, January 30, 2018 10:04 AM by David Marshall
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