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Aviatrix Announces Free EC2 FlightPath Tool for Faster Troubleshooting of AWS EC2 Connectivity Issues

Aviatrix, a pioneer in cloud networking and an inaugural AWS Network Competency partner, today announced that its EC2 FlightPath tool is now available as a free download on AWS Marketplace. EC2 FlightPath allows cloud and DevOps teams as well as network engineers to troubleshoot Amazon Web Services (AWS) network connectivity issues faster to minimize business disruption.

By automating the collection of AWS network troubleshooting data and displaying it in a single view, EC2 FlightPath eliminates the time, frustration and human errors required to find the source of connectivity issues that are reported as problems. It also makes it easy to communicate the source of the problem, and the required fix, to other internal groups so they can take appropriate actions.

"Instead of tedious ‘whack-a-mole' efforts to track down the source of connectivity problems across many screens, the Aviatrix EC2 FlightPath tool generates the needed network data quickly and automatically," said Steven Mih, CEO of Aviatrix. "EC2 FlightPath maps the path between two EC2 instances and shows relevant routing rules, network access control lists (NACLs) and security groups. Cloud engineers and DevOps teams can now spend less time dealing with daily networking trouble tickets and more time getting real work done in the public cloud."

Quick, Easy Access to EC2 Connectivity Troubleshooting Information

When developers within an enterprise encounter a connectivity problem in AWS-such as users unable to access a particular enterprise cloud application, inability to remotely access an instance, or an instance of a cloud application unable to access the internet-their instinct is to assume that something is wrong with the network. The developers open a trouble ticket that the cloud teams must research and resolve.

Currently, identifying the source of the problem forces cloud teams and network engineers to use tedious manual processes to obtain the troubleshooting data: logging into the AWS console and each respective cloud account and appropriate AWS region, finding the problem instance, examining its security groups, looking up the associated route table and router entries, checking the network access control list (ACL) and so on. Frequently, the problem ends up being in the user's own environment, having nothing to do with the network-yet the process still must be initiated to rule out the network as the root cause.

EC2 FlightPath automates this manual process and makes it easy to collect data and locate the source of reported problems. Cloud teams using EC2 FlightPath can click on menus to quickly specify both source and destination AWS account, region and virtual private cloud (VPC) instances.

EC2 FlightPath then automatically retrieves all relevant network troubleshooting data for these instances by using AWS application programming interfaces (APIs), which are integrated into the Aviatrix software. EC2 FlightPath presents the source and destination information side by side, making it easy to identify the problem very quickly-such as an IP address listed on the destination but not the source, or an SSH port not open to a particular IP address, for example.


A free tool, EC2 FlightPath is available on the AWS Marketplace as part of the no-cost download of the Aviatrix Cloud Interconnect Controller software. The Aviatrix Cloud InterConnect solution consists of a Controller-the centralized console that includes the EC2 FlightPath tool-and Aviatrix gateways. Also included in the download is free email support for FlightPath users. To learn more, visit the EC2 FlightPath web page.

Published Wednesday, February 21, 2018 9:12 AM by David Marshall
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