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Reduxio Announces Continued Growth, Rapid Expansion in Managed Service Provider Sector

Reduxio Systems, the innovation leader in converged data storage management and protection solutions for the enterprise, announced today continued rapid user growth within the managed service provider (MSP) market segment. The company's momentum in the MSP sector is fueled by the increased demand for Reduxio's unique data management and protection capabilities, and its ability to provide the user with an award-winning, unified data storage, management and protection platform.

"With both the ongoing and escalating challenges of IT obstacles - whether it is rapidly growing data volumes or security issues such as malware and ransomware attacks - MSP organizations need solutions that are designed to effectively handle and protect valuable information stemming from large applications and servers," said Mike Grandinetti, Reduxio's chief marketing & corporate strategy officer. "Reduxio is answering this challenge by empowering MSP providers to meet the increasing demands of their own clients for effective data storage capacity, protection and management solutions with compelling value-added services and new, recurring revenue models."

Reduxio's HX550 flash storage solution with BackDating allows customers to modernize and simplify their storage infrastructure and IT operations by deploying flash storage that is cost-effective and can be used across all their applications. JetServer, a hosting and managed service provider based in Israel, having experienced dramatic growth in the number of its customers, observed that the commensurate growth of hosted websites caused random VM latency spikes, creating unacceptably high HTTP response times for end users. In its search for a data storage and management solution to deliver higher performance, JetServer chose Reduxio's HX550 because of its innovative technology as well as its ability to address JetServer's data protection challenges.

"We looked at many different options available on the market, but only Reduxio offered us a solution for all of our many challenges simultaneously in a single platform," says Eli Alum, CEO of Jetserver. "Reduxio's HX550 platform increased our performance, reduced data recovery times and enabled us to concentrate our rack space."

As the growth of data continues to increase, data storage technology is currently experiencing a market and technology architecture transition in order to meet evolving customer needs. Customers are looking for new approaches to data storage, management and protection, especially solutions from vendors like Reduxio that provide a unified primary and secondary data storage and management platform. Halski Systems, an MSP based in Georgia that provides on-premise flash storage systems as well as enables its customers to use cloud-based storage as an additional tier, was searching for a data storage solutions partner that could fulfill its customer requests. Because of Reduxio's customer-first approach and commitment to fully satisfy rigorous customer service SLAs, Halski chose Reduxio as its key storage partner (see accompanying 5 short videos with Halski president Seth Seagrave). The strategic partnership also sparked steady growth in sales for Halski as the demand for Reduxio solutions from its customers increased.

"Halski is proud to be a partner of Reduxio Systems, as we both value the importance of commitment to innovation and world class customer service," said Seth Seagrave, president of Halski Systems. "Since this partnership and our move to offer Reduxio solutions as a complement to Halski's existing services, customer demand for Reduxio has increased significantly in 2017 and has led to higher revenue and margin on the systems side."

Additionally, Reduxio began working with Evercom Technology, a UK-based managed service provider of IT, cloud and business telecom solutions. Evercom chose Reduxio's technology to address the need to quickly upgrade its service capabilities and to increase its data storage capacity. Following a simple process deploying the Reduxio HX550 platform, Evercom was immediately able to take advantage of Reduxio's patented TimeOS storage operating system, providing the company with the capability to reduce the time to roll out new environments, resulting in improved overall performance.

"Thanks to the seamless and hands-on implementation process of Reduxio, Evercom has been able to accommodate and store more data in a timely manner," says Nick Antoniou of Evercom. "In addition to its quality customer service, Reduxio's ability to replicate multiple volumes onto one storage unit has helped our business run smoother and to generate more revenue."

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