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ControlUp Sets Industry Benchmark with First-Ever Logon Performance Analysis of a Quarter of a Billion Production Sessions
A ControlUp research report published today following an analysis of 238 million application and desktop logons showed that an employee can spend as much as 18 hours per year waiting for their computers. The first-ever global analysis of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and application logon performance showed that most of the 876 participating companies can see a total wait time of 159 days per year.

The first-ever benchmark across many industries, "Logon Performance Research Report, Healthcare Edition," was published by ControlUp to highlight what causes delays, the impact they can have on employee productivity, and to educate IT decision makers on how to monitor and repair slow-functioning IT environments. The 132 healthcare organizations within the study showed many with an acute issue of erratic and lengthy logon durations categorized as "disastrously slow user experiences."

"VDI and application virtualization provide tremendous security and mobility advantages for healthcare professionals who need quick, secure access to their medical applications and data," said John Panagulias, Director, Citrix Ready at Citrix. "In patient care, every second counts, which is why logon performance is critical for healthcare organizations. This report validates the average logon times are indeed well below the industry's 30-second standard."

The study found 1 out of 5 healthcare organizations experience an average logon speed from 30 seconds and up, and the load times for activities such as pulling patient records and logging sensitive information could extend over one minute.

"When I was in IT we never knew how well or poorly we were performing because there were no benchmarks to which we could compare our metrics," said Yoni Avital, ControlUp CTO. "With visibility into almost a million user sessions daily ControlUp is in a position to create reliable benchmarks to guide the industry towards what to aim."

A poor performing but a real company profile from the dataset shows:

  • Their 1,676-user base see an average logon wait of 72 seconds
  • In aggregate users are logging in 5,822 times per day
  • Employees are spending 18 working hours per year waiting for their computers

The report outlines how minor IT environment improvements in logon performance can yield significant, company-wide productivity gains. For example, a $25,000 investment in Solid State Drive (SSD) storage that might lower logon duration by 5 seconds will deliver an ROI of 4 times the spend within the first year for this organization, assuming a $50/hour average employee cost.

Other key findings in this report include average, mean, and standard deviation of logons for all industries, differences between virtual application compared to virtual desktop logon performances including:

  • Users in 1 out of 3 organizations average logon speed of 30 seconds or more
  • An average healthcare logon duration of 20 seconds
  • One organization averaged a delay of over 4 minutes
  • 50% of logons were slower than 14 seconds
  • Desktop logons are slower (31.9 seconds on average) than application logons (16.4 seconds on average)

There are many root causes of slow logon times and resolving these issues requires preliminary assessments of logon durations based on qualitative insights. Among the most common issues affecting organizations of all industries and sizes are user profile size, resource contention bottlenecks, and outdated user environment misconfigurations and Group Policy Objects.

Download full report here.
Published Tuesday, March 06, 2018 10:57 AM by David Marshall
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