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Cloud Workspace - The Perfect Virtualization Tool for Corporate Entities

Virtualization technology has indeed revolutionized the way corporate operations are handled with more emphasis now placed on innovative development rather than quantitative growth. Companies and organizations have turned their attention to improving their KPIs by incorporating bespoke virtual solutions to their operations instead of increasing the size of their personnel.

Virtualization as it pertains to corporate operations has quite a detailed history with tech giants like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and VMware all releasing identical products to varying degree of success. From IBM's VM and MVS mainframes, Oracle's VM Server, to Microsoft's less-renowned Virtual Server, these robust IT solutions have helped many companies across several industries tackle tech challenges that are mostly attributed to inefficiencies of the facilities in use.

The reception of these tools during the initial stages was less than stellar, though their popularity gradually grew as more corporate establishments chose to join the virtualization bandwagon.

These pioneering tech inventions paved the way for a new set of innovative releases that have helped to consolidate on the growth observed in virtualization technology. Some of the reliable virtualization tools in use today include cluster server management tool, Ganetti, the virtual data-center management tool, Ovirt, and KVM, an open source virtualization solution for Linux.

The advent of cloud technology has also shone the light of enlightenment on many in the corporate sector with its ease of use and accessibility being two important features that are responsible for its worldwide appeal.

The Cloud, as it is commercially called, has birthed many groundbreaking virtual infrastructures that are responsible for the upgrades of various IT functions. Important IT functions like file storage, data backup, and web hosting have become less cumbersome and more efficient thanks to this technology; but perhaps its most impactful contribution to the corporate setup is in the mold of the impressive virtual tool; Cloud Workspace.

What is Cloud Workspace?


This can be described as a Cloud-hosted tool that functions as a fully managed virtual desktop. It grants access to its users wherever they may be or regardless of the device they use to access it. Basically mirroring the function of a conventional PC desktop, it delivers a user experience that is indeed relatable even though many still find it surreal since it isn't limited by location or other applicable factor.

One of the challenges corporate entities face when implementing the virtualization of their operations is establishing uniformity across all channels or departments in order to facilitate proper co-ordination of duties and the execution of tasks.

With Cloud Workspace, however, this can be easily accomplished since all members of a company's workforce can have access to their respective workspaces and liaise with other colleagues without need for physical contact.

Though an apparent upside attached to incorporating Cloud Workspace to a business' operations is the increase in efficiency, which cannot be ignored, another massive attribute of this tool is its elimination of the need for hardware, which frees up lots of office space for more important equipment or perhaps, personnel.

Benefits of integrating Cloud Workspace into corporate operations

Vast spectrums of tech channels already utilizing Cloud Workspace have seen visible improvements in their operations with companies now able to successfully harmonize their entire functional framework and create cohesion in the performance of duties and execution of tasks. The freelance sector is another field that has successfully benefitted from the application of this innovative tool with freelance websites now able to facilitate effective collaboration between freelancer and client in an industry that is well known for a consistent gap in the client-personnel relationship.

Increase in Employee Productivity

There is a direct correlation between the setting up and application of Cloud Workspace and an increase in the productivity of a company's personnel. This alludes to the fact that workers in the employ of the company are easily able to access every virtual tool or work documents that are needed in executing their respective tasks.

With the work hours of most corporate entities already defined and often inflexible, it is critical that the employees are able to maximize the use of their work hours. This means uninterrupted access to their work area regardless of where they may be. With Cloud Workspace's virtualization property, work isn't hindered and it isn't also necessary for the employee to be physically present in the office.

Fast Response Time to Enquiries and Requests

The customer service department of a corporate establishment, which is tasked with answering customer queries and receiving technical complaints, usually operate round the clock in order to be able to perform its functions at an optimum level.

With conventional operations requiring the physical presence of personnel in the work area, the demand for efficient service delivery is solved by creating shifts and splitting the available manpower to cater to each of the scheduled time-frames.

Cloud Workspace, however, eliminates the need for the presence of customer service personnel in the workstation with access to work tools not hindered by the location of the personnel.

Eliminates the Need for Hardware

Installing a physical hardware that will manage and oversee corporate operations can be quite cumbersome, not to mention spatially tasking. There is also the little issue of maintenance, which cannot be ignored for a facility that will most likely be put into use on a consistent basis.

Fortunately, Cloud Workspace requires no physical installation within the company's premises since the facilities being used are provided by the vendor. Not only does it free up lots of office space for more important tools, it also eliminates technical issues that are common traits in physical servers.

Zero Downtime

Perhaps one of the underrated perks of using Cloud Workspace is the absence of downtime that it guarantees even when the infrastructure in the organization isn't functioning at its optimum best. Since the tool is managed by a virtual server capable of allotting duties to mini VMs integrated into the system, it isn't excessively demanding to expect 100% efficiency at every point in time.

Simple but Effective Virtualization Solution

Cloud Workspace offers a basic facility many corporate entities spend loads of money on to establish, yet its reliability can't be matched; and while more complexly developed solutions that use the Cloud framework now exist, it remains the most cost-effective option for companies and organizations.


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