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AppOrbit Launches Version 2.0 with Comprehensive Networking and Security Capabilities for Complete Application Modernization and Portability

AppOrbit announced today a new release of its modern application platform, which delivers seamless cloud-to-cloud portability, automated application modernization, and seamless network security. The addition of networking and security capabilities to the AppOrbit platform allows each application to be encapsulated in a secure, independent Application Capsule that is decoupled from the underlying network and physical infrastructure. The Application Capsule operates exclusively at the application layer and contains application binaries, application data, and network configurations needed to execute simple or complex application environments. The innovative Application Capsule approach is possible through the tightly coupled integration and virtualization of compute, data, network, and security containers.

AppOrbit provides a full suite of solutions to manage Application Capsules, including AppVizor, a robust management and orchestration platform; AppPorter, an automated modernization capability; and AppSwitch, a zero-touch networking and security solution. The new capabilities delivered by AppSwitch enable portable security policies, connectivity, and automated load balancing across the hybrid infrastructures, while being completely transparent to applications.

"Historically, network mechanisms in container-land rely heavily on network namespaces and virtual machines rely heavily on virtual NICs. AppSwitch abstracts both things away," said Jérôme Petazzoni, former Docker senior engineer and evangelist. "A container connected with AppSwitch doesn't even need to have an IP address, or even a full IP stack. That is why AppSwitch is exciting: it offers us a way to get the features that we need, without carrying the overhead of legacy concepts - just like Docker captured exactly what was needed to abstract a runtime environment, without having to deal with concepts like a PCI bus, SCSI adapter, or APIC controller. With AppSwitch, you can connect together applications running in containers, VMs, or physical machines, and it is completely transparent." Read more on Pettazoni's guest blog post, "A Test Drive of AppSwitch, the Network Stack for the Future."

"The AppOrbit platform has been instrumental in helping us automate the configuration and deployment of application environments for development and testing," said Hassan M. Al-Sharif, chief information officer at Prospect Medical Holdings. "Using AppOrbit, we have been able to streamline and accelerate our entire testing process, which is resulting not only in a more responsive team, but better quality software."

"With the addition of the networking and security capabilities of AppSwitch, our Application Capsule allows customers to rapidly modernize their business-critical enterprise applications to reduce expenses and improve operational efficiency," added Rahul Ravulur, co-founder and CEO of AppOrbit.

Published Monday, March 26, 2018 9:10 AM by David Marshall
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