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Cloud and DevOps Are the Gateways To Scalable Digital Transformations
Article Written by Shashi Kiran, Quali

Cloud adoption has gone mainstream and DevOps practices are becoming an aspirational goal for most forward-looking IT organizations. However, the race into the cloud and the pursuit of DevOps automation still pose considerable challenges for industry practitioners.

To better understand these evolving trends, our company has just released the results of the third annual Quali Cloud and DevOps Survey, which compiled responses from more than 1,300 IT and DevOps professionals. Here is a brief breakdown of some top findings from our latest industry survey.

For the second year in a row, organizational culture was cited as the top barrier to DevOps adoption. This year, 22% of respondents flagged cultural problems as their top roadblock, compared to just 14% last year. This increase is likely due to larger groups being pulled into cloud and DevOps projects, which creates more friction for the development of an innovation culture and a repeatable, automated process.

It's also becoming clear that managing culture has got to come from the leaders at the top, with distinct directives being cascaded down throughout the organization. Managing culture properly has become the central factor for successful change management.

Another ongoing hurdle for cloud and DevOps adoption involves that lack of timely access to backbone infrastructure. This year, roughly one-fourth of respondents (26%) said that it still takes their users more than one month to stand up infrastructure. That is a slight increase from last year's number of respondents (24%) who required a month or more to access infrastructure.

The need for self-service to spin up infrastructure has become more well recognized over the past year. DevOps teams are still highly dependent on IT assistance to help deliver infrastructure, often through a ticket-based process. But about 27% of those surveyed get access to the necessary infrastructure and environments within one day.

In the 2017 survey, more than half of respondents (54%) did not recognize the value of self-service environments. That figure dropped to just 33% of respondents in this year's survey, as more organizations identified the lack of self-service as a bottleneck to staff agility and productivity when scaling up their cloud and DevOps processes.

Recent improvements in data migration tools have fueled the growth of public clouds. Last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) had built up a sizable advantage as the default public cloud of choice. But this year, more respondents had partnered with a wider variety of vendors for their cloud services including Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Alibaba and others. A greater percentage of respondents this year also indicated that they were on the path towards building hybrid clouds (39%), compared to last year (23%).

The latest survey reveals that automation and self-service mechanisms can provide a powerful boost to productivity and cost-savings. Platforms that can foster better collaboration between Dev/Test, Security, and Ops teams are becoming the key to successful digitization efforts for enterprises and service providers alike. These elements can no longer be an afterthought.



About the Author

Shashi Kiran 

Shashi Kiran is the CMO at Quali, based in San Jose, Calif. He has 20-plus years of experience in the information technology industry in the areas of data center and cloud computing, security, internetworking, software and analytics for enterprise and service providers. Shashi was previously the head of worldwide marketing for Cisco's data center and cloud portfolio.

Published Thursday, March 29, 2018 8:03 AM by David Marshall
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