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Rackspace Launches Bare Metal as a Service to Simplify Migration of Workloads Outside of Customer Data Centers
Today Rackspace announced expansion of its Managed Hosting portfolio to include Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) functionality.  With the addition of six new bare metal instances, Rackspace Managed Hosting customers who use BMaaS can now provision infrastructure on-demand and have it delivered in minutes rather than hours. For organizations seeking more flexibility and automation options in their non-cloud environments, Rackspace bare metal infrastructure provides a pay-as-you-go pricing model and wide range of self-service APIs. Rackspace has designed BMaaS with performance in mind.  Two bare metal instances are custom-built for high performance computing workloads with NVMe SSD for I/O Optimization and GPU for advanced acceleration and parallel computational capabilities. Bare Metal as a Service includes access to both physical and virtual firewalls and load balancers, additional storage and advanced networking capabilities. 

As organizations large and small move away from investing scarce capital into building and maintaining their own data centers, Rackspace delivers a wide range of options to aid their long-term strategic plans. An expanded bare metal portfolio plays an important role in modernizing IT by enabling a broad class of applications to migrate unchanged out of customer data centers minimizing disruption, cost and risk. 

Controlling the risk around app-migration is extremely important when moving data intensive and mission critical applications off-premises. Bare Metal as a Service enables a simpler "lift and shift" out of the data center by reducing the need to refactor legacy applications and providing the increased hardware access and custom OS options enterprises require. With Rackspace bare metal infrastructure, customers can use the same physical load balancing and network security platforms they leverage on-premises reducing change to deployment architecture and operations processes.

Bare Metal as a Service delivers important innovations to the Rackspace Managed Hosting platform such as:

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing:Customers pay for what they use in an on-demand consumption model for infrastructure. This feature enables Rackspace Managed Hosting customers to more closely alignresources to growth and handle burst capacity and traffic spikes without the need to pay for additional fixed capacity.
  • On-demand provisioning and API access:For increased agility around compute and storage, Rackspace BMaaS provides customers with on-demand provisioning options to easily scale infrastructure up and down as needed.BMaaS can be accessed both via the Rackspace portal and API. A wide range of APIs are available with BMaaS to enable the automation of infrastructure purchase, consumption and management.
  • Raw Performance: Rackspace's bare metal infrastructure is optimized for various workloads spanning from containers and microservices to I/O intensive databases and parallel computing that leverage the latest generation of NVMe storage and GPU. BMaaS coupled with high throughput networking ensures customers can utilize the full power of compute and local and external storage to build out robust, scalable private cloud environments or expand existing Managed Hosting environments with greater flexibility.
  • Enterprise-grade Security and Reliability:With physically isolated bare metal, there is no sharing of infrastructure, eliminating the impact of "noisy neighbors" on performance. For enhanced security, Rackspace Managed Security (RMS) is available with BMaaS deployments to provide monitoring and detection services as well as around-the-clock response and remediation.

"Rackspace is expanding its leadership position by giving customers more choice of technology that best fits their infrastructure and application needs," said Henry Tran, General Manager of Managed Hosting at Rackspace. "Due to predictability of performance, there are workloads best-fit to run in Managed Hosting's physically isolated single-tenant environment. Bare Metal as a Service brings much needed flexibility to Managed Hosting such as on-demand provisioning and utility pricing while retaining its strongest features: predictable performance and reliability. Our customers now have the best of both worlds as they seek to modernize their IT."

Rackspace Managed Hosting customers with BMaaS can self-provision dedicated compute, network, and storage all within a physically isolated environment with no shared resources or hypervisor overhead. This helps customers comply with data sovereignty requirements and also provides the consistency of performance in network, storage and compute needed for I/O intensive and latency sensitive workloads. Rackspace Bare Metal as a Service builds on Rackspace's commitment to deliver solutions wherever and whenever a customer needs the services, whether the workloads are best fit in a Rackspace data center, a customer data center, a third-party data center, or a colocation facility worldwide.

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Published Thursday, April 26, 2018 8:05 AM by David Marshall
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