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Plexxi Hyperconverged Network (HCN) Expands VMware Interoperability, Delivers on the Promise of Enterprise-Class Software-Defined Data Centers

Plexxi introduced a significant expansion to Plexxi HCN - a software suite including Plexxi Control 4.0 and Plexxi Connect 3.0. The combination of Plexxi's patented, intent-based networking (IBN) capabilities and interoperability with VMware delivers increased performance and agility - exceeding a 30-percent improvement in server and storage utilization - as well as dramatic savings on capital and operating expenses to medium and large enterprises.


  • Today's enterprise-class, on-premises cloud strategies must enable a wide range of applications, each having unique and highly diverse needs. Plexxi HCN is a multi-purpose, application driven, software-defined networking (SDN) solution that automates the management of cloud architectures.
  • Hyperconverged networking adds the missing piece to modern SDDCs that are already benefiting from hyperconverged computing and storage technology. Now the SDDC can truly be a holistic, interconnected pool of resources that can be orchestrated according to individual workload attributes and needs. Plexxi's newly expanded interoperability with VMware further enables all virtualized data center workloads to run seamlessly on one converged, multi-purpose data-center fabric.
  • Plexxi HCN's patented IBN technology enables workload service-level-agreement policies to drive allocation of pooled network resources automatically. This eliminates the very costly need to deploy and manually manage multiple physical networks to deploy multiple workloads with conflicting network demands.
  • For the first time, modern on-premises cloud architects can deploy legacy client-server applications and scale-out big data applications and IP storage clusters on the same physical data center fabric, thereby eliminating the cost of deploying and managing discrete networks.
  • Unlike legacy network solutions that force users into rigid leaf-and-spine topologies, Plexxi HCN enables elastic topologies that eliminate top-of-rack bottlenecks while ensuring omni-directional, low-latency node-to-node communication.
  • Plexxi HCN's VMware interoperability simplifies network management for VMware administrators and enables fully automated network configuration, which reduces complexity and operating costs and accelerates time-to-value. The new integrations and capabilities include:
    • HTML5 vSphere Client Plug-In - Monitors converged, multi-purpose fabric health, measures fabric utilization, visualizes end-to-end connectivity and configures network elements much easier and faster.
    • NSX Discovery & Visualization - Interoperates with NSX Manager to discover and visualize the placement of critical NSX components attached to the Plexxi fabric, allowing administrators to ensure the highest level of NSX throughput and resiliency while simplifying troubleshooting and operations.
    • vSAN Discovery, Visualization, and Fitting - Automatically discovers VMkernel adapters that participate in vSAN environments and creates an isolated topology that is dedicated to carrying vSAN storage workloads.
  • The Plexxi HCN software is shipping now and available as a free Demo software update to customers with current licenses. Price quotes - including the software suite plus choice of commodity hardware - are available by emailing

"VM administrators can finally become the networking heroes they deserve to be. Thanks to Plexxi's seamless VMware interoperability and native control of data center fabric switches, VMware administrators can now quickly deploy mixed cloud applications directly from vCenter and have full confidence that the required network bandwidth and low latency is at the ready. The updated Plexxi software suite - Plexxi Control 4.0 and Plexxi Connect 3.0 - enables enterprises to seize new business opportunities while also increasing IT productivity" - Plexxi Vice President of Marketing Denis Vilfort

"Digital business is about using your data better than your competitors. Businesses that want to win in the digital age must prioritize technology suppliers dedicated to overcoming limits on differentially creating value from data and applications, especially in networks. The more agility - the ability to both scale and reconfigure around new workloads - in an enterprise's infrastructure, the more successful will that business be." - Wikibon Chief Research Officer Peter Burris
Published Friday, May 18, 2018 11:01 AM by David Marshall
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