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Bromium Brings Virtualization-Based Security to the Masses With Targeted Use Cases to Address Key Organizational Pains

Bromium, a pioneer and leader in virtualization-based endpoint security that stops advanced malware attacks via application isolation, has announced the release of Bromium Secure Platform 4.1. The release will provide out-of-the-box use case support to address key organizational pain points, including: Email Attachment Protection; Spear Phishing Protection and Malicious Download Protection. The latest version also supports native Chrome browsing. Further use cases are also planned for release later in the year.

With the click of a button, organizations can quickly configure Bromium to secure their most vulnerable attack vectors first, and see immediate value and return-on-investment. Bromium is targeting the new solution at mid-size organizations and larger enterprises.

"We recognize that not all organizations require ‘perfect' security. In fact, many enterprises need to address specific pain points with simple deployment, minimal disruption, smooth user acceptance and fast return on value," comments Gavin Hill, Vice President of Product and Strategy at Bromium. "The Bromium use case deployment approach makes virtualization-based security more accessible to the masses. It's easy to deploy and targets security at specific common attack vectors, making Bromium more suitable for a wider range of customers, industries and specialized security needs."

The Bromium Secure Platform provides application isolation and control by creating hardware-enforced micro-VMs that secure every user task. Once a task is completed, users can simply close the window to dispose of the VM, as well as any threat contained within it.

Following the release of Bromium 4.1, Bromium Secure Platform will include:

  • Targeted use case deployment that eliminates restrictive IT security policies and gives users the freedom to safely open email attachments, click shared links, download files, work on unprotected networks and visit uncategorized websites with the safety of defense-grade security behind them.
  • Proactive email security which stops email-borne malware attacks by analyzing email attachments before the user can open, save, or forward them. Bromium automatically quarantines threats endpoints have missed and applies this learning to reduce infections in the future. The platform also makes it impossible to forward malicious emails around organizations, preventing downstream email infection, even for non-Bromium users on your network.
  • Secure user-centric browsing that isolates suspected phishing links and untrusted websites, with Bromium supporting native Chrome browsing on the host. For those wishing to use the traditional Chrome browser, the Bromium Secure Browsing extension offers more visible and controllable security to the user.
  • Actionable dashboards and reports which offer more intuitive dashboards with the most relevant information displayed, and drill downs available for detailed reporting and individual threat intelligence. Coupled with augmented threat intelligence, threats can be reviewed quicker and false positive alerts can be reduced.

"Despite massive investments in security tools and end-user training, common attack vectors continue to bypass existing layered defenses and trigger breaches by end users," comments Hill. "Defensive solutions can be heavy-handed and restrict user access to legitimate email, websites, and file downloads, inhibiting creativity and productivity. Bromium frees users to be innovative, creative, and productive - with familiar application functionality, performance and usability - without fear of triggering breaches."

Bromium Secure Platform, version 4.1 will be available in June 2018.

Published Thursday, May 31, 2018 8:06 AM by David Marshall
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