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New H3C Group Cloud Computing Fully Boosts Industrial Digital Transformation With Full-Stack Service & Panoramic Ecosystem

New H3C Group released an application-guided full-stack cloud service platform at the 2018 Navigate, integrating its own advantages with partners, delivering an end-to-end integrated solution and assisting the digital transformation of industry. Accordingly, New H3C Group will shift its role from a private cloud provider to a provider of full-stack cloud service solutions.

Establishing a Panoramic Cloud Ecosystem with Partners

New H3C Group advocates a panoramic ecosystem, a full-stack convergence cloud platform, indicating that the cloud service itself has a clear and distinct boundary. Beyond the boundary, New H3C Group has an entry point for the eco-partners' products at each hierarchy of the cloud service stack, to give the partners more chances to provide users with industrialized and scenario-based cloud service catalogs. By virtue of this panoramic ecosystem, New H3C Group and its partners will obtain two-way empowerment and create a win-win situation while building a strong ecosystem.

Fully Evolving the Full-stack Cloud Service Platform

To promote the full evolution of the full-stack cloud service platform, New H3C Group has thoroughly upgraded the hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud operating system, and virtualization platform so that the overall performance of the platform is improved.

In terms of infrastructure, New H3C Group released the UIS 6.0, a fully cloud-based, hyper-converged integrated system which features simple convergence, multidimensional security and one-key clouding. The UIS6.0 hyper-converged system covers the UIS 3000 series for simplified cloud applications, the UIS 4000 series for high-density equalization, the UIS 6000 series for hosting critical services, and the UIS 9000 blade series. Multiple series are used for different application scenarios, truly implementing the deployment of users' IT resources in minutes and bring services online within an hour.

On the cloud operating system level, H3C Cloud OS, the pride of New H3C Group, also evolved to stage 3.0. In this release, New H3C Group added data-level management on the basis of strengthening its resource pool management capabilities, opening a brand-new perspective for the efficient management and continuous O&M of cloud platforms.

To enhance the full-stack cloud service platform's adaptability to different scenarios, New H3C Group also independently developed and launched the CAS virtualization platform version 6.0, in which New H3C Group strengthened CAS's performance in terms of security, stability, accessibility, and high efficiency, allowing the CAS virtualization platform to better host a variety of industry applications with different needs, and to provide better support for the utilization of clouds by various industries.

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