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Scalyr Customers Create and Monitor Inventive Software in Docker Environments

Scalyr, the blazing fast log management platform for the engineering front line, today announced that DataFox, EatStreet, Foxpass, ObservePoint, Periscope Data, and Return Path use Scalyr to monitor their industry-leading software and Docker environments.'

Customers at the forefront of innovation in their respective fields - including DataFox, EatStreet, Foxpass, ObservePoint and Return Path - are using container environments and orchestration tools such as Docker and Kubernetes to deliver their applications with more flexibility and greater efficiency. Because their applications generate revenue, these companies must ensure they work properly and address performance issues quickly. For that, they use Scalyr to monitor, troubleshoot and debug their software during development, quality assurance and in production.

"Many of the most innovative and rapidly-growing companies use Scalyr," said Steve Newman, chief executive officer of Scalyr. "Companies like DataFox, EatStreet, Foxpass, ObservePoint, Periscope Data, and Return Path are delivering inventive software efficiently using container technology from Docker. They need their visibility tools to work at their pace. Blazing fast log management from Scalyr gives these companies' engineers visibility across their services, containers and infrastructure; streamlines their troubleshooting process; and facilitates their team's concurrent, often distributed work style."

Innovative Use Cases

DataFox, an award-winning, AI-powered CRM orchestration platform, is streamlining its software development process by ensuring consistency across tool sets - including MongoDB and Apache Solr - with Docker. As software moves into production, the company relies on Scalyr to troubleshoot software issues rapidly across hundreds of microservices and their underlying infrastructure.

"We monitor and troubleshoot everything from CPU spikes to the state of each of our microservices," said Elena Tatarchenko, engineering manager at DataFox. "Because we are moving quickly and pushing some of our code into production multiple times per day, we need to troubleshoot fast. Scalyr lets us query our large data set and pivot sophisticated data visualizations with sub-second response times, which dramatically reduces our debugging process."

Serving over 250 cities, EatStreet is one of the largest independent online and mobile food ordering and delivery services in the U.S. The company has standardized on an architecture that consists of loosely-coupled services that map to customer-facing functions such as ordering, payment and delivery. EatStreet uses Docker across all stages of its software lifecycle, and uses Scalyr to troubleshoot and debug software and performance issues. The company has tooled its software delivery process to ensure consistent configuration, including in packaging Scalyr monitoring for efficient troubleshooting in production.

"We love the efficiency that we've gotten from our software delivery process, and would recommend it to others," said Erik Nielsen, director of engineering at EatStreet. "Demand for our services can fluctuate a great deal depending on the time of day, and we need to scale up and down to ensure consistently great performance for our customers. I love how we've organized our technology to scale, as well as instrumented comprehensive and accurate logging with each containerized service. When we use Scalyr to debug and troubleshoot software issues, I'm constantly amazed at how ridiculously fast it is. We are able to find issues and solve them quickly."

Foxpass offers enterprise-grade infrastructure identity and access control by delivering single sign-on to servers and networks based on a company's existing identity system. To support delivery of next-generation access, the company uses Docker to deliver services efficiently from development, through quality assurance and into production in Amazon Web Services. Foxpass is using Scalyr to parse and search log data for debugging and for its ability to alert operations staff of any errors in near real-time.

"As a security-focused company, we need to be aware of any anomalies," said Aren Sandersen, founder of Foxpass. "Docker has helped us be more efficient, but it also means our application is more distributed. Scalyr lets us monitor everything centrally. This allows us to understand the performance of our own application as well as be alerted to third-party system issues and quickly drill down to troubleshoot and resolve problems as they arise."

ObservePoint, the premier provider of automated data governance, tag auditing, and GDPR compliance solutions, has enhanced its application delivery process in part by transitioning from a colocation data center to a Docker containerized environment in Amazon Web Services. This has helped ensure consistency of configuration and deployment through the application delivery process. The company uses Scalyr to monitor their containers and applications through all phases of the software lifecycle, from development through testing and quality assurance to production.

"All of our engineers have full access to Scalyr logs and are logging consistently with Scalyr," says Curt Sundell, Operations Manager at ObservePoint. "This allows them to troubleshoot and do deep dives into application issues very quickly no matter where they are in the software lifecycle. This helps them get to root causes and fix problems proactively."

Periscope Data offers a connected analytics platform that helps companies ingest, store, analyze, visualize and report on data all in one place, bridging the gaps between data and insights, BI and data science, and data analysts and business users for more than 1,000 data teams worldwide. Periscope Data runs all of its services and infrastructure on Kubernetes and Docker containers and uses Scalyr to capture logs for all of its containers.

"Docker and Kubernetes greatly ease our deployment, monitoring and resiliency," said Jeff Watts, senior software engineer at Periscope Data. "Scalyr helps us make sense of it all: investigating bugs, tracing problems, monitoring performance and getting alerts when anything goes wrong."

Return Path, the leading provider of email deliverability and optimization solutions, has taken advantage of powerful process improvements to streamline its software delivery lifecycle. The company transitioned from having full-stack development teams building tightly-coupled software on top of a monolithic architecture to a completely horizontal model of having domain experts create loosely-coupled, Docker-containerized, modular services that they make available to all parts of the business. This process innovation led them to address big challenges such as analyzing hundreds of millions of emails per day, building a machine learning pipeline and gaining leverage from big data tools like Kafka and Scala. Return Path is orchestrating thousands of containers using Kubernetes and monitoring it all in a high-performance way with Scalyr.

"Scalyr enables us to troubleshoot issues across our application, containers and orchestration environment quickly," said Shawn Nussbaum, chief technology officer of Return Path. "This means we can troubleshoot application issues using a common token or session ID through our entire stack without having to go to a bunch of different places. This supports our overall development and delivery lifecycle, making us so much more effective for our customers. You know, many companies use technology opportunistically. But we have been so focused on business outcomes that our technology investments have become a real force multiplier."


Published Monday, June 11, 2018 10:22 AM by David Marshall
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