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New Aviatrix Hosted Service Delivers the First Cloud Networking as a Service for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Aviatrix, a pioneer in software-defined public cloud routing and an inaugural AWS Network Competency partner, today announced its Aviatrix Hosted Service, the first hosted service to build and manage virtual private cloud (VPC) networks in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) public cloud environments. This new Aviatrix offering enables organizations to combine the benefits of networking software-as-a-service (SaaS) with the convenience of consolidated payments through their AWS bill.

The Aviatrix Hosted Service offers the same features and functionality as the existing Aviatrix product offering. The difference is that by hosting the Aviatrix Controller, which is a centralized console for building and managing all secure connectivity, companies now have a SaaS-like way to automate the deployment and configuration of Aviatrix Gateways in their own environment.

"Even using a public cloud vendor's console-which makes it straightforward to build compute and storage in the public cloud-VPC networking has remained complex, especially as the number of VPCs grow from single digits to many hundreds across the globe," said Steven Mih, CEO of Aviatrix. "The Aviatrix Hosted Service-the first cloud networking-as-a-service option-provides the easiest way to build out VPC networks in the public cloud. Using our hosted service, it takes less than 10 minutes, and requires no serious networking expertise, to deploy and securely connect a large number of VPCs. It's your central console for all things networking."

The Aviatrix software-defined router is designed for use by cloud operations teams and network engineers who need an automated, complete solution well beyond what existing instance-based virtual routers offer. The solution consists of the Aviatrix Controller, now available via the Hosted Service, and Aviatrix Gateways, which are deployed in VPCs to support cloud networking use cases that include AWS global transit networks, remote user VPN and VPC egress security.

Gartner Research Director Simon Richard said: "As enterprises require more advanced public cloud networking, centrally managed, cloud-native solutions like Aviatrix leverage the cloud providers' native networking and security services such as peering and security groups, while augmenting those core services with classical network constructs."

Fast Set-Up of Multiple Use Cases With a Single Platform

The Aviatrix Hosted Service is designed for organizations that want to expand their cloud activities without requiring deep networking technology skills. In addition, because the hosted service automates the previously manual task of installing and maintaining the Aviatrix Controller in a public cloud, organizations can get up and running faster with less infrastructure to manage.

"Our network at Wharton is managed by the central IT team, and every AWS VPC change required a network change. A one-week turnaround time was the best possible scenario, which resulted in delays," said Antonio Vivas, IT director for The Wharton School. "Aviatrix networking is much easier and simpler to use than the others. I can use the GUI or API to run things centrally and automatically. It's a big difference over how other vendors do it, and we don't have to worry about configuring routers and gateways."

The Aviatrix Hosted Service speeds and simplifies the deployment of key use cases that include:

  • Next-gen global transit network. Create VPCs in seconds, scale and migrate workloads from on-premises sites, and manage growing numbers of VPCs with ease from a software-defined, centrally managed controller.
  • VPC egress security. Control VPC traffic outbound to the internet with powerful Layer 7 filtering that enables organizations to allow or deny access based on policies using high-availability, in-line gateways.
  • Remote user VPN. Provide secure remote access to VPCs and cloud services for developers, employees and partners-using the cloud-native Aviatrix solution, based on OpenVPNĀ® technologies.
  • Multicloud peering. Simplify networking among AWS, Azure and GCP public cloud infrastructures. Use Aviatrix's native, API-based approach to centrally manage connectivity and eliminate complexity for implementations spanning multiple cloud services.
  • Encrypted peering. Meet corporate and regulatory compliance requirements by encrypting data in motion. Use IPsec between any two VPCs to centrally manage secure peering across accounts and clouds.
  • Site-to-cloud VPN. Quickly create secure connections from on-premises data centers, sites or branch locations to cloud resources. Use existing on-prem hardware and internet infrastructure to minimize costs.

The Aviatrix Hosted Service, including a 14-day free trial, is available immediately at or at the AWS Marketplace.

Published Tuesday, June 12, 2018 7:59 AM by David Marshall
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New Aviatrix Hosted Service Delivers the First Cloud Networking as a Service for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud - (Author's Link) - June 12, 2018 8:40 AM
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