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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Savvius Talks LiveAction Announcement, NPMD and SD-WAN Markets, and Strategy Going Forward


Only days ago, LiveAction announced the acquisition of Savvius, a leading provider of packet-capture and analytics appliances and forensic software solutions with the goal of creating the industry's most advanced network performance monitoring and diagnostics platform.  The combination of these technologies will lay the foundation for next generation fully-integrated network management platform.  To better understand the merger, the market and the company's strategy moving forward, VMblog spoke with industry expert, Larry Zulch, the EVP at LiveAction and General Manager of Savvius.

VMblog:  What are network performance monitoring and diagnostic (NPMD) solutions?

Larry Zulch:  Today, every enterprise is as dependent on their network as they are on electricity. From customer relationships to supply chain to internal operations, networks enable businesses to function. When something is that important, any performance or reliability issue is costly at best. At worst, the entire business can be at risk. NPMD describes the category of products that are responsible for ensuring network continuity, which means the networks are high speed, large capacity, very reliable (they don't break), and extremely robust (they withstand change well).

VMblog:  What are the details of the acquisition?

Zulch:  LiveAction is acquiring Savvius with a vision of dramatically improving products in the NPMD market.  LiveAction's network management platforms are used by global enterprises and service providers for network performance visibility, SD-WAN visualization and verification, voice/video monitoring, and Quality of Service configuration.  Savvius's packet-based appliance and software solutions are used by thousands of enterprise customers worldwide for network performance diagnostics.  Combining the strengths of each company will yield solutions with an unprecedented ability to visualize, simplify, optimize, and troubleshoot enterprise networks, from datacenter to edge including East/West traffic and key multi-vendor application and performance monitoring metrics.  Savvius's Walnut Creek offices will remain, as will Savvius's employees. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

VMblog:  What impact will this merger have on the NPMD market as a whole?

Zulch:  In many respects, the NPMD market has bifurcated and split into two: 1) companies that deploy products based on reporting out of network elements (such as routers, switches, and firewalls), with broad abilities to visualize, analyze, and optimize; and 2) companies that deploy products based on packet- or wire-data gleaned from the network itself, which is extremely accurate, but doesn't readily scale. The combination of LiveAction and Savvius is the first time these two philosophies are brought together as roughly equal partners. The resulting solutions will combine the best of both worlds, and promise to give customers better visibility and deeper insight into their network's performance.

VMblog:  What can customers expect in the short- and longer-term?

Zulch:  In the short run, customers can expect business as usual. LiveAction's LiveNX and LiveSP will continue to be sold and supported, and Savvius's Omnipliances and Omnipeek will continue to be developed and deployed. But, the opportunities to have technologies and capabilities from each product line enhance the other are just too great to be ignored.  After all, that's why LiveAction bought Savvius! Over the longer term, you should expect LiveAction to be able to get analytics from Omnipliances and Omnipeek, and to have users of Omnipliances and Omnipeek get LiveNX's uniquely powerful view of the entire network. Ultimately, joint products will push into territory currently unavailable by combining innovative visualizations with the ability to take useful action, even down to the packet level.

VMblog:  What role should we expect virtualization and cloud to play in the company's strategy moving forward?

Zulch:  Current LiveAction products are deployed entirely in virtualized environments or the cloud. Savvius products are appliance- and server-based. Here is another opportunity for the combined company. After all, networks don't stop where the cloud starts! Our vision is to provide insightful and useful visibility throughout every aspect of the network, from the datacenter to the edge, from SD-WAN controllers to public cloud instances.


Published Tuesday, June 12, 2018 7:35 AM by David Marshall
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