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VMblog's Expert Interviews: CTERA Talks New HC Series Edge Filers and Providing Secure File Services from Edge to Cloud


Today, CTERA Networks introduced a powerful new enterprise cloud storage gateway.  The new CTERA Edge Filer family is said to offer new levels of capacity and performance for demanding branch IT environments.  To better understand what the company announced, I went straight to the source and spoke with Sabo Taylor Diab, VP Marketing at CTERA Networks.

VMblog:  We're excited to hear about CTERA's latest news.  Tell us about the HC-series you unveiled today?

Sabo Taylor Diab:  We've been using the terms "faster, larger, and more robust" with regard to our new HC Series edge filers. We're really pleased to introduce the HC Series; it is an appliance that comes with some impressive stats, like support for 96TB of raw local storage, a 10GbE interface, and all-flash options, DR, and the ability to run multiple VMs on one appliance.  These features are aligned with the most demanding branch environment and we're excited to keep enterprise branch offices on the same page- faster and more robust than ever.

Our support and service were also upgraded dramatically with the HC Series. For our new appliances, we provide a four-hour onsite support. A customer places a call for help and anywhere in the world, we are there in four hours.  With our worldwide technical support expertise, we are taking support to the next level beyond 24x7.

VMblog:  CTERA has concentrated its efforts in the storage gateway market - but we understand that HC Series brings that to the next level?

Diab:  We see that it actually does, and that was our objective.  And you're right, at CTERA, our heritage has been in cloud storage gateways.  At CTERA's founding in 2008, we offered solutions that bundled Network Attached Storage (NAS) and cloud storage services into a single appliance, providing the ease of use of local NAS with the scalability and reliability of cloud storage. Now, with our HC Series announcement, we are introducing tech that can replace whole swaths of enterprise NAS.  We've been doing this for a while, and we're proud to say, with more than 45,000 gateways deployed, CTERA is the world leader in providing secure file services from edge to cloud.

VMblog:  What's the landscape for market expansion with the HC series?

Diab:  We find it very healthy.  As cloud adoption continues to gain traction, offerings like our HC Series are made to bring agility, simplicity and mobility to enterprise organizations and their distributed workforces.  We do that by providing more power and capacity at the edge, and greater levels of collaboration and data protection using modern infrastructure, all-in-one solution, fitted for large enterprises with branch offices. Our new HC Series filers allow our customers to expand/grow their branches and provide them with local access to an infinite number of cloud-based files while continuously synchronizing file changes to a single global file system.

VMblog:  What's the pricing for the HC Series?  And can you name some of your partners?

Diab:  The HC Series starts at $10,000 USD and enjoys a wide network of leading partners such as, IBM, HPE, Cisco, Nutanix, AWS, Google and more.

Our partner network allows us to support modern infrastructure initiatives at organizations such as McDonalds, The Carlyle Group, WPP, and several U.S. Department of Defense agencies.

VMblog:  How about outlining CTERA's plans for the rest of the year?  Can you share some of your roadmap?

Diab:  There's lots of great news forthcoming from CTERA. Our plans for the rest of the year include additional announcements that will positively impact enterprises and their approach to business agility and continuity, but that is about all we want to say at this point.  We can share that we are inspired and innovating on that ever-moving red line of what enterprises need to ensure they are state-of-the-art and secure.  We are witnessing how data is reshaping our lives and how organizations need to adapt quickly and to constantly revisit security protocols, technology refreshes and best practices and that is a top priority here at CTERA.


Sabo Taylor Diab, Vice President of Global Marketing at CTERA Networks, has more than 20 years of experience in leading the penetration of markets for medium and large startups. Prior to joining the team in CTERA, Sabo acted as vice president of international marketing at INFINIDAT , where he took major part in building and developing the GTM strategy for the company. His studies of marketing and communications took place in Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and Goldsmith University of London, UK.

Published Tuesday, June 19, 2018 8:29 AM by David Marshall
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