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The Future is Telemedicine
In a field as technology driven as healthcare is, it only makes sense that the entire industry is headed for a big change thanks to the latest trend in medical care. The use of telemedicine has increased dramatically over the last decade, but many physicians and patients are still weary of implementing this life saving technology into their practice, mainly because of they are unaware of the endless benefits. 

So, What is Telemedicine?

The concept is simple. Telemedicine is the use of technology to connect healthcare providers and patients across the globe. It is the entire medical care process from evaluation to treatment and everything in between via technology. Using real time, interactive devices, which include both audio and video, practitioners can reach clients in any geographical location.

Through video conferencing, physicians are able to evaluate their clients as they would at an in-person appointment. The clinician gathers some background information, evaluates the patient's symptoms and is able to diagnose, recommend and treat quickly. Data from the appointment can be sent to specialists in real time, eliminating the time it typically takes physicians to consult their peers, increasing the quality of care.

A Solution for All

The benefits to implementing telemedicine into any healthcare practice are numerous, first and foremost being improved patient outcomes. As should be the number one priority for any medical provider, improved patient outcomes are made possible because patients can connect with physicians faster than with conventional appointments. Because telemedicine technology cuts down the time it takes for physicians to transition between patients, they are able to serve more individuals on a daily basis. This reduction in wait time not only allows practitioners to focus on their patients, but also reduces the time and hassle on the patient's end. With the ability to take an appointment wherever is most convenient, patients do not have to worry about transportation and wait time when they need to be seen evaluated.

Telemedicine is not only improving patient outcomes in urban areas of the world, but also in rural communities. Arguably one of the biggest advances of the use of telemedicine is the impact it has on those who are otherwise unable to reach medical services. For those around the country and world who do not have access to regular healthcare, telemedicine provides a platform for medical care to reach every corner of the world. Instead of waiting days, weeks or months for healthcare that could be lifesaving, patients are now able to connect with physicians instantly.

Not only are patients in rural areas who are in need of care being serviced, telemedicine technology is also becoming a viable way to provide preventative medicines and treatments for those who would otherwise have access. Especially for individuals with chronic conditions, telemedicine can bridge the gap for practitioners to manage symptoms as is necessary.

Are Your Ready for the Change?

Telemedicine solutions are here for the long haul. With benefits ranging from more effective appointments to reaching patients who often need care the most, telemedicine is the future of healthcare. Are you ready for the change?

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Published Wednesday, June 20, 2018 7:40 AM by David Marshall
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