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2 out of 3 vExperts say Organizations are Conducting Manual and Error-prone Hybrid Cloud Pre-migration Assessments

Uila Inc., the Application-centric Infrastructure Monitoring & Analytics company, released the results of the first-of-a-kind Survey Panel with vExperts on the state of the Hybrid Cloud initiative. The Survey is focused on Hybrid Cloud Migration and Monitoring challenges and techniques. The survey results reveal the realities of the challenges with migrating to the Hybrid World. While a few of the organizations take the advantage of automated Application Dependency Mapping solutions for pre-migration assessments, most experts feel that there is tremendous needed here as most organizations continue to rely on error-prone and time-consuming manual methods. The vExperts make a strong recommendation that no organization that is serious about a successful Hybrid Cloud transformation, should try to do this manually. 

The vExperts on this survey panel provided their feedback based on their own experience and observation in their own Enterprise SI/MSP organization or as a consultant for the above organizations. Most of the vExperts are primarily in the Architect Role, who have the responsibility of providing the direction to the IT team for new business services or initiatives that will help the organization in its business transformation.

vExpert Survey Panel Key Findings

The growth of Hybrid Cloud

  • Almost 70% of the panelists consider Hybrid Cloud as business critical.
  • At least 60%+ of the panelists feel organizations will be in Hybrid mode vs pure play private or public cloud.
  • Pure-play Private Cloud is not dead  and 18% of panelist feel organization will stick to it. According to Uila, the reasons will vary from vertical needs to security and compliance issues due to using applications that cannot be migrated or recently reported public cloud outages. 

Most organizations will go through an iterative Migration process which calls for piece by piece migration within the application dependencies, as roll-back options are available, making them less risky.

  • 72% of the panelists feel organizations will go through or must go through an iterative approach instead of a single big-bang migration effort.
  • The Top 3 concerns with migrations include security and compliance concerns as expected, but the big "ah-ha" inclusion is the knowledge of the applications interdependencies (Service Mapping) that is critical to planning migration.
  • More than 70% of panelists said that they are seeing organizations take the opportunity to clean house and reduce their technical debt during the move. This makes it very critical for organizations to understand the dependencies for any asset to be retired to avoid surprises.

Planning Hybrid Cloud Projects takes time and is hard if done manually. But it does not have to be done that way.

  • 65% say it could take months to years based on the current scale; Any undertakings to shorten this must be seriously considered
  • 80%+ of the panelists strongly suggest that knowing the Application interdependencies is critically important for pre-migration assessments.
  • 2 out 3 panelists responded that organizations are trying to build the Application dependency mapping manually, which is error prone and time-consuming and majority of them (45%) would not recommend doing this manually.

"The survey with vExperts provides the true state of the Hybrid Cloud initiative. vExperts once again brings out valuable, independent & unbiased guidance to the entire IT community.  This insight is very critical for organizations and professionals who are undertaking application or data migration in the new Hybrid IT world." said Chia-Chee Kuan, CEO and founder of Uila. "The Survey clearly shows that in order for organizations to make their transformation to the Hybrid Cloud successful, they must stop relying on manual methods to build application dependency mapping that are obsolete the moment they are created. Instead they should take advantage of automated application discovery and dependency mapping solutions. This not only eases & speeds up migration efforts, but also ensures business continuity and prevents any unplanned rollbacks." 

For detailed results and other findings, please download the vExpert Survey results from here.

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