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BrowserStack Launches Comprehensive Debugging Tools and Expands Native Mobile Functionality
BrowserStack, the most reliable web and mobile app testing platform on the market, today announced a new set of comprehensive debugging tools and expansion of native mobile functionalities. In addition, BrowserStack announced exciting device additions to expand the coverage of its Real Device Cloud.   

As part of BrowserStack's commitment to being the world's most trusted testing infrastructure, the company is constantly building and innovating to give customers best-in-class solutions. This combined release is geared to expand what a user can test, where they can test and how they can resolve issues they find. With this powerful arsenal of testing capabilities, devices and tools, organizations are better equipped to establish a culture of quality internally and deliver amazing experiences for customers.

Overview of today's announcement:

Launch of Comprehensive Debugging Tools

BrowserStack is making new additions to its debugging toolkit, making it possible to easily verify, debug and fix different aspects of software quality, from UI functionality and usability to performance and network consumption.

The breakdown of debugging tools offered by BrowserStack's mobile app and web testing products are as follows:

●      App Automate: Screenshots, Video Recording, Video-Log Sync, Text Logs, Network Logs, Appium Logs, Device Logs, App Profiling 

●      App Live: Real-time Device Logs from Logcat or Console 

●      Automate: Screenshots, Video Recording, Video-Log Sync, Text Logs, Network Logs, Selenium Logs, Console Logs

●      Live: Pre-installed developer tools on all remote desktop browsers and Chrome developer tools on real mobile devices (exclusive on BrowserStack)

With comprehensive debugging tools, quality assurance (QA) teams are able to fully investigate potential bugs or issues in their website or mobile app, and identify the root cause faster than ever before. As a result, organizations can shorten test timelines while minimizing risks associated with releasing faulty code that may disrupt customer experience.

"BrowserStack instills us with confidence about our code releases. Using the BrowserStack platform, we know we are not breaking things that will negatively impact customer experience," said Hyunoo Park, full stack engineer for Logikcull. "Thanks to the new debugging features BrowserStack offers, I can troubleshoot 10 times faster just by looking at the video log or screenshot, and release quality apps to customers quicker than ever before."

Expansion of Native Mobile Functionality

Expansion of key native mobile app functionality on App Automate and App Live enables organizations to increase their test coverage on the BrowserStack Real Device Cloud. BrowserStack is dedicated to enabling all the core native features of a mobile device to ensure QA and development teams can test real-world user conditions and workflows.

Key new releases include: Network Simulation, Push Notifications, GPS Geolocation, Google Pay, Google Play Billing, Installing Dependent Apps, App Updates via Apple App Store and Google Play Store and Localization.

Increased Device Coverage

Users will be able to test on Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9+ and the 2018 Apple iPad. iPhone 6, 6s and 6s Plus will also be available on iOS 11.

"We envision a world in which all software is thoroughly tested, and releasing our new debugging tools and expanding native mobile app functionality are powerful new additions to our platform," said Ritesh Arora, co-founder and CEO of BrowserStack. "With these new features and capabilities, we are equipping design, development and quality assurance teams with all the right tools necessary to build a user experience that is second-to-none."

Support for iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus and 2018 Apple iPad, Video-Log Sync, App Profiling, Google Pay and Google Play Billing will all be available in Q3. Read our Product Update blog for details about each new capability.

Published Thursday, July 12, 2018 8:28 AM by David Marshall
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