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7 Ways How a Cloud-Focused Virtual Aide Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur


Did you know that more than half of computer users want their own personal artificial intelligence assistant? Having a Cloud-focused virtual aide to do your homework is like a dream - handling anything from scheduling to research, project management and even sales.

Fortunately, with the emergence of Cloud-focused simulated assistants, this is becoming a reality. For business tycoons, there are several advantages in adopting one.

What Is A Cloud-Focused Virtual Aide?

Before taking advantage of these benefits, let's make sure we're all in tune with what a virtual aide is, based on The Cloud.

According to Asya of Qarea, a software development company, a Cloud-focused technology is an application that includes the text from voice commands or ‘natural' language and can solve requests for you. In other words, you can talk to the application using real, everyday words. Furthermore, the application can be online or on a device like your smartphone.

What we're not talking about here is a virtual human assistant. While they can offer many benefits, they are not part of this conversation.

Whether online or device based, a key feature of a Cloud-focused virtual aide is its ability to connect to multiple systems and data sources. Because of this, they are ‘Cloud-focused' due to the possibility of reaching The Cloud to use their required information.

Benefits of a Cloud-Focused Virtual Aide

Cloud-focused virtual aides help you become a better entrepreneur by taking on tasks that can take up your time, so you can focus on high-value jobs and how to satisfy your customers.

Here Are Some Ways in Which You Can Use a Virtual Aide

Integration Sales Connections

You can waste a lot of time with people who download sales materials, but aren't really interested in buying something.

Tools like Conversica help you discover the most promising sales prospects by starting a conversation that finally puts you in contact with a human being. Once you're speaking to them on the phone, their business is yours to win.

Meeting Planner

One of the most time-consuming tasks is to set up a meeting. Thankfully, due to the upsurge in simulation assistants, making this an easier process is now a reality. This tool manages the entire round-trip process to fix meetings; all you just have to do is provide a basic entry at the beginning.

So, you can now spend more time concentrating on the meeting itself, instead of trying to establish one. Many business owners use the Google calendar, but you can consider this as one of the alternatives to Google products.

Facilitator of the Meeting

Once you've set up your meeting, a virtual aide can help you make the most of your time together. This technology is still evolving, but we'll take an interesting look at the future of virtual meeting participants in the following Cisco infographics - a future that begins today. The future looks pretty sweet from here.

Project Management Assistant

Experts at Testfort, a software testing company in the US believe that Project Management is a key element of a well-managed business. The use of project management helps ensure work is completed and delivered on time, as promised. However, finding out what's happening at any given time can mean spending a lot of time deciphering updates. Now, you can avoid this issue by adopting virtual aides, like the one designed by integrating Cisco Spark and Redbooth. This ‘Virtual Project Management Assistant' can answer questions such as "Where are all the tasks?", "How long will it be until this part of the project is finished?", as well as "How many hours should I invoice my client for this month?"

Information on Request

Laura Rea Dickey, managing director of the Dallas-based company, says affiliates can use Amazon Eco to ask Alexa "up-to-date sales information, daily inventory levels, scheduled deliveries to suppliers, customer reviews and even optimal time for the smoke ". . "And that's all without leaving the kitchen.

Outside the workspace, people can also access visual data.

Personal Assistant

In addition to programming, Cloud-focused virtual aides can perform the following functions:

  • Provide a reminder so that you never miss a meeting
  • Add items to your list of activities
  • Read and answer your emails
  • Make conference calls
  • Find flights, accommodation and restaurants for you
  • Check out the weather forecast and report any news snippets of interest


After a hard day's work, wouldn't it be nice to come back to a comfortable home? When using Cloud networks with mobile phones, a virtual aide can ensure that the power is on, play smooth music and that the temperature is correct.

A relaxed entrepreneur is an efficient entrepreneur, and a Cloud-focused virtual aide can give you the opportunity to enjoy time away from the office.

Additional Resources

This link provides access to practical publications that can help you learn more and start using a Cloud-focused personal assistant today.

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