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ClearCube Announces Hypercube FX with GPU and DAS Modules, Image Processing/Analysis Software

ClearCube Technology, Inc. announced the release of Hypercube FX, a 4U (rack unit) chassis with compute and storage modules that directly connect to ClearCube R3092D Blades for enhanced GPU computation and fast storage in the datacenter. Hypercube FX includes state-of-the-art imaging and signal/waveform processing applications, Pure Pixel and Precision Measuring Matrix, by Digital Harmonic.

Hypercube FX contains different configurations of eGPU and DAS modules that users can deploy based on business needs, with dedicated GPU modules, dedicated DAS modules, or both. Users can connect H4040G GPU Modules to R3092D Blades to expand blade capabilities. Dedicated GPUs provide dedicated compute resources for AI (artificial intelligence), engineering, and research applications; and clustered compute applications. Hypercube FX configurations with GPU and DAS modules enhance digital image and video processing with fast, local storage. "Hypercube FX is a powerful, flexible solution," said Doug Layne, ClearCube's VP of Global Sales. "The Hypercube FX expands the capabilities of ClearCube's R3092D Blades, and its flexibility lets users customize the solution, so blades, workstations, and applications excel in many different use cases."

Hypercube FX module configurations include:

  • 4 double-wide GPU Modules, or
  • 4 double-wide GPU Modules and 4 Storage Modules (5 SSDs per module, 20 SSDs total), or
  • 8 Storage Modules (5 SSDs per module, 40 SSDs total)

GPUs are directly connected to R3092D Blades through Thunderbolt 3.0 (40 Gbps). Supported GPUs include NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-series (1080Ti, GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and more), NVDIA Quadro, and AMD Radeon series.

Hypercube FX DAS Modules contain up to five 2.5-inch SSDs plus one empty slot for cold spare and connect to R3092D Blades through USB 3.0 cables (operating at 5 Gbps). Hardware-based RAID configurations include RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, and 10. DAS Modules also support JBOD configurations.

Hypercube FX includes Digital Harmonic software for image and signal/waveform analysis-Pure Pixel and Precision Measuring Matrix (PMM). Coupled with Hypercube FX hardware, the powerful Digital Harmonic software produces unprecedented data and insights. Pure Pixel applies brute force mathematical scoring and adjusts pixel values to dramatically enhance the information contained within an image-significantly augmenting image resolution and clarity. PMM performs measurement, analysis, and separation of complex compound signals/waveforms to yield extraordinary detail in time/frequency/amplitude (TFA). PMM domains include angle rise and fall, time, amplitude, harmonic, start, stop, peak, and many more. Pure Pixel and PMM use cases include drone imaging; radar, sonar, and satellite imaging; recon images; voice recognition; medical imaging; auscultations, sonogram, ultrasound; oil and gas discovery; engine health monitoring; image and video analysis; and more.

For more information, contact ClearCube Technology at

Published Thursday, August 09, 2018 7:33 AM by David Marshall
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