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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Talks the Future of Printing, Cloud Security and VMworld 2018


In this latest interview series, VMblog talked with Arron Fu, CTO at to discuss the future of printing, Cloud security and VMworld 2018.

VMblog:  Where do you see the future of printing heading towards?

Arron Fu:  Enterprise printing covers your firms entire printing associated yield. Enterprise printing comprises of everything you produce using workplace printers, multi-function printing devices, scanners, and copiers.

As everything in the IT world is constantly evolving daily, enterprise printing is no exception. Enterprises are looking for printing solutions that are easy to use, enhance corporate productivity, and provide greater security.

That is why we recently introduced UniPrint Infinity v10, a workflow optimizing and digitally transforming solution that provides users with fast and reliable printing across all types of computing platforms through a single PDF-based UPD and management platform.

Whether deploying in the Cloud, VDI, server-based, mobile, serverless, or traditional environments, our single management platform offers an ideal solution for all enterprise printing challenges.

VMblog:  What are the major updates that come with UniPrint Infinity v10?

Fu:  The latest update of UniPrint Infinity includes many exciting new features. Overall, some of the biggest updates include the all-new web-based management console, the addition of mobile support for releasing print jobs through the UniPrint Vault app, auto-creation of client-side printers in remote client session printing, smart print job routing and serverless printing support.

Test drive a free trial of UniPrint Infinity with full functionality for 14 days

VMblog:  How does the new web-based management console help system administrators reduce the complexity of print management?

Fu:  With the introduction of the new central, user-friendly online web console, administrators can manage their print environment access without needing to install any software, as access to the console is supported on any device using HTML5. 

The centrally accessible management console provides administrators the convenience of monitoring printing from anywhere, so long as they are connected to the internet, no longer being restricted to the physical worksite.

VMblog:  How is the new mobile support different from the existing mobile printing module?

Fu:  UniPrint Infinity's Mobile printing module allows users to print their documents directly from their Android devices, via UniPrint Print Service, or Apple devices, via UniPrint Share.

 Users can additionally use the Email2Print functionality to attach documents and send them for printing. However, the latest addition of mobile support for print jobs involves the actual release done through the UniPrint Vault app.

The UniPrint Vault app allows mobile users to securely release their documents using their mobile devices, via QR code, NFC, and iBeacon technologies.

In addition to releasing their documents from enterprise printers, with the added ePRINTit integration, users can also print to Public Print Locations when away from the office!

VMblog:  What does the update involving client session printing really involve and how does it help end-users?

Fu:  The latest update to client session printing involves the automatic creation of client-side printers within the user's session. This new feature allows any of the printers on the local workstations to be taken and presented into the remote user session.

A user's local printer will then be created within their remote session and this will allow printing directly to that specific printer. Users also have the option of bringing up the local printer's properties screen and selecting printer-specific features, directly from their remote session.

VMblog:  How does Smart Print Job Routing enhance the efficiency of the printing process?

Fu:  In environments where users first print to a local print queue, organizations are typically looking for an efficiency-enhancing solution that will route print jobs to the closest printer, based on the location where users are connecting to the network from.

UniPrint's Smart Print Job Routing routes jobs from the local print queue to the closest printers, based on the access point that the user is connecting from.

In technical terms, Smart Print Job Routing allows direct connection on the local subnet, where print traffic is routed via the shortest path, reducing bandwidth consumption on WAN connections.

VMblog:  How does the new Serverless Printing Support improve enterprise print environments, from a print management and cost-standpoint?

Fu:  The Serverless Printing feature enables direct IP printing between workstations and network printers, subsequently eliminating the need for costly printer servers. 

The PrintPAL utility combined with direct IP printing under UniPrint's one management platform enables administrators to remotely assign printers to user workstations, based on criteria such as username, endpoint name, organizational department, and IP address range.    

VMblog:  With cloud solutions now gaining popularity at the organizational level, what does UniPrint Infinity v10 have to offer enterprises in terms of security in the cloud?

Fu:  With its multi-layer approach to fortifying enterprise print infrastructure, UniPrint Infinity offers organizations a great option to meet all their security needs.

UniPrint Infinity's 256-bit encryption of all print data, one Virtual Print Queue (VPQ) holding all print jobs, secure pull printing mechanism with enabled two-factor authentication, and secure cloud printing without the need for establishing a VPN connection, makes up the most secure enterprise cloud printing solution.

Additionally, UniPrint Infinity v10 also features UniPrint Access Controls, enabling administrators to delegate management responsibilities to various members of the administrative team, by allowing or restricting access to individual features within the management console.

VMblog:  Will you be going to VMworld this year?

Fu:  Yes, if you are attending, we will be showcasing the newest updates involving private and public printing.

Stop by our booth #2713 to experience personalized UniPrint/ePRINTit demos and talk with our solutions experts to learn more!

*We are also currently running a pre-show give away contest for VMblog readers. We are giving a select few readers a free pass to the show! How? Just book a consultation appointment with us during the show and you will be entered to win a show pass for free!

VMblog:  What is the team most excited about in preparing for an event of this magnitude?

Fu:  UniPrint is always looking forward to events of such large scale, with the annual VMworld conference being one of the most exciting events of the year!

Bringing together a multitude of IT industry partners, customers, and enthusiasts under one platform, VMworld is a great place for industry experts to begin conversations and exchange new, innovative ideas surrounding digital transformation and printing.  

VMblog:  What sort of sessions will be holding at their booth? 

Fu:  The UniPrint team will be holding exciting, thought-provoking sessions surrounding the following topics:

  • The optimization of secure healthcare printing through UniPrint Infinity's Healthcare Printing Suite, the all new version 10 update of UniPrint Infinity
  • An overview of ePRINTitTM, the world's leading cloud printing solutions provider for education and public printing!
  • There will also be 15 minute in-booth presentations, along with demos, held Sunday, August 26th at 6:30PM, as well as sessions throughout the week, from Monday to Wednesday, at 12PM, 2PM, and 4PM.

VMblog:  What hot topics or new trends do you anticipate will be discussed from a standpoint?

Fu:  Maintaining data integrity and security, enhancing workforce mobility, and implementing cloud solutions to enterprise problems are currently some of the hottest trending topics in the world of print. 

With major data privacy concerns surrounding the biggest names in the IT world regularly being highlighted in the news, UniPrint Infinity aims to provide an ultra-secure solution that protects sensitive user information and meets all enterprise security requirements!   

VMblog: What does a successful VMworld experience entail for

Fu:  A successful VMworld for UniPrint would be one where we are able to get the message out about UniPrint and ePRINTit to more people than ever before.

We're excited to meet VMware users and explain how our solutions can help them simplify their printing workflow. UniPrint is also thrilled for the opportunity to network with other technology partners and build new industry relationships!

VMblog:  What should attendees expect from at VMworld?

Fu:  Attendees ought to be excited and come prepared to listen to intriguing sessions on achieving enhanced levels of productivity and efficiency through streamlined, error-free virtual desktop printing.

Attendees will certainly leave the booth with a solid foundation of how UniPrint's solutions functions in virtual, cloud, remote, and all other enterprise environments! UniPrint will also be surveying attendees to find out their major concerns relating to their respective printing environments and what they look for when choosing third-party solutions!

*To be elibigle, you must book an appointment during VMworld US 2018 scheduled to occur between August 27-30, 2018. Contest closes August 22, 2018 at 3 PM EST. Questions may be directed to

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