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Augmented Reality Is the Future of Mobile Gaming

Article Written by Megan Harris

Augmented reality is already augmenting the mobile gaming market. Since its introduction to the tech consumer market, augmented reality has performed at a high level and beaten estimates every time. Referred to in conjunction with VR often, AR is a groundbreaking technology that uses projected images through a smartphone screen to imitate an object existing in a 3D space that it does not possess in reality.

This can give the illusion that an entire fantastical world exists that can only be seen through the lens of your smartphone. This type of experience has shown to connect on a very deep level with audiences around the world as the draw to AR application grown stronger and stronger.

Pokemon Go and AR's potential

Pokemon Go is a great example of AR technology operating at an incredibly high level and, as a result, producing a memorable experience that has captured the imaginations of millions. The objective of Pokemon Go, much like the main game series and TV show, is to walk all over the world to find rare Pokemon and battle other trainers on the same mission as you.

Its execution is simple enough, using AR they can digitally project an image of Pokemon on to a physical location through a smartphone screen. To add further interactivity and complexity, they then let you swipe up to try and catch the monsters with a Pokeball of various qualities and sizes.

Augmented reality apps are bringing in billions

Pokemon Go, one of the finest examples of AR, encourages users to go outside and visit new locales. Furthermore, the app allows trainers to use their Pokemon and battle other trainers they meet in real life. It is an elegant way of seamlessly intertwining reality and the digital world simultaneously. The game, a phenom of the mobile market and a wondrous boon for Nintendo, has generated over $1 billion in revenue through its IAP model.

That is enough evidence to support the idea that mobile gaming and augmented reality fit together better than peanut butter and jelly. Pokemon Go still has millions of players worldwide and has shown an amazing propensity to stay popular even with the aggressive mobile gaming turnover rates.

Augmented reality brings digital creations to life

It is safe to assume that AR had, at the very least, a major impact on the success of the game. In fact, its success has prompted developers all over the world to jump into the AR market in the hopes of creating another Pokemon Go.

That is not all, however, as the journey of AR is only just beginning. Games are now coming out at an incredible rate, each one trying to take full advantage of the promising new technology and the amazing ability it has to draw people in when done well of course.

You can now play chess on a virtual chessboard suspended in mid-air or "placed" on a physical table in your space. You can shoot ghosts as they come from every nook and cranny of your living room or office to attack you through your smartphone.

These are examples of how the technology is progressing since the behemoth of Pokemon Go supplanted the possibilities of AR deep into the minds of game developers around the world.


Augmented reality technology can still go even further as the adoption rates slowly tick up and the computing capabilities of our smartphones continue to improve year after year. The way we interact with games on our phones will never be the same when full AR adoption comes to the forefront of our collective app stores.

The way the technology can draw you in while retaining the social aspect is a unique feat of engineering that belongs exclusively to AR technology and gaming.

AR is an incredible technology, capable of turning our living rooms into magical vistas through the use of a smartphone. The unique property of AR to sustain a real social interaction while playing a video game is truly an incredible achievement worth celebrating in its own right.

However, it is what has been yet to be seen that draws the interest towards the technology. Where someone might be able to push it, or how someone clever will utilize it, is what is on every developer's mind as the adoption rates slowly increase and the ingenuity rises right alongside it.


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