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Preempt's Cloud Initiative Breaks Down Cybersecurity Silos, Providing the Industry's Most Comprehensive Threat Prevention Solution For Enterprises

Preempt, the innovator of the industry's first Identity and Access Threat Prevention solution that stops cyber attacks and internal threats, announced its commitment to providing the most comprehensive cloud threat prevention solution for the enterprise. As organizations take on digital transformation, enterprises are challenged with fractured and inconsistent security across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments, including integration with AWS and Azure VPC. To address these wide-ranging challenges, Preempt is announcing an expansion of the Preempt Platform with its Secure Federated Access application, which allows enterprises to consistently apply security policies, enable real-time threat prevention and gain visibility around any application in the cloud.

Preempt delivers a new approach to security that grows along with the enterprise, enabling visibility into behaviors of all identities and in turn making intelligent, adaptive enforcement decisions based on risk and complete enterprise context. The expansion of the Preempt Platform with Secure Federated Access extends visibility and control to federated cloud applications, including Office 365, Salesforce, Workday, and others. In addition to ADFS, Preempt also integrates with Cloud SSO such as Okta and Azure SSO.

With a wide variety of cloud integrations, Preempt is enabling organizations - from higher education to retail to financial services - to ensure that policies and protections are consistent across the extended enterprise. Preempt's solution continuously analyzes all of the factors that determine identity, behavior, and risk to build a complete up-to-date profile of the user, which can then align to risk-appropriate and adaptive responses, regardless of activity to cloud applications or those in the enterprise data center.

"The challenge of seamlessly extending access controls across the cloud and organizational boundaries has all too often been overwhelming for IT and security teams. Many current solutions, such as ADFS access controls, are not enough to prevent threats in the cloud," said Ajit Sancheti, co-founder and CEO of Preempt. "Enterprises often have silos of cybersecurity solutions, and yet nothing tying them together from a threat perspective. The expansion of the Preempt Platform with the Secure Federated Access application closes these gaps by extending visibility and access control to all applications, whether cloud or on-premise, as well as automatically protecting from attacks and insider threats - all without disrupting valid users."

Preempt deploys as an agent or proxy for on-premise, cloud directories and ADFS, and leverages an SSO enforcement API for cloud apps. The Microsoft ADFS integration allows organizations to extend the same cybersecurity, threat prevention, and policy enforcement that they have inside their network to federated applications in the cloud. In total, Preempt empowers organizations to adopt applications based on the needs of their users and business, all without sacrificing on the strength of security, and without disrupting business operations or end-user experience.

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth came to Preempt to provide Identity and Access Threat Prevention for key services in cloud environments while minimizing the productivity impact and maintaining their users' ease of access.

"Cyberthreats are on the rise and not just for corporations - attacks against academics are also increasing. The challenge includes ensuring your institution can be open enough to encourage the free flow of ideas, while still protecting intellectual property and keeping compliant with HIPAA, PCI, FERPA and much more," said Lawrence Hudson, Assistant Director for Systems Administration and Operations at the Tuck School of Business. "We believe Preempt can play a big role in finding that balance, particularly in cloud environments."

A video overview of the Preempt Secure Federated Access App is available here.

Published Friday, August 31, 2018 10:03 AM by David Marshall
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