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Ericom's Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Solution to be Demonstrated at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Singapore 2018

Ericom Software announced that it will showcase Ericom Shield at this week's Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2018 in Singapore, at Booth P32. Ericom Shield is a secure browsing solution that provides organizations with the highest level of Internet security and protection against web-borne threats, including ransomware, drive-by downloads and zero-day attacks.

Singapore is a global leader in requiring separation between the public Internet and secure internal networks and user devices for public sector workers. Following the recent hacking of the country's public healthcare system agencies, many are recommending that the regulations be extended to healthcare organizations and other critical sectors as well.

For this reason, as well as for increased awareness of the threat of ransomware, cryptojacking and other browser-borne attacks, there is growing demand in Singapore and in other countries worldwide for user-friendly solutions that support seamless Internet use while ensuring complete network separation and user endpoint protection. Ericom Shield is just such a solution, providing end users with a natural Internet browsing experience that is completely isolated from the endpoint device.

Working in conjunction with existing IT policies, Ericom Shield executes websites and other web-based content in a remote isolated environment, inside a disposable Linux container. When the user closes a tab or stops browsing, the container is discarded along with all code picked up from the site - malicious and benign. The solution ensures a smooth and seamless browsing experience from any standard browser and any device, using any OS. Ericom Shield also ensures the safety of all files downloaded from the web, using factory-integrated Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology to disarm downloaded content before releasing it to the user's device.

"Singapore is leading the region in adopting compulsory Internet separation. As security experts increasingly recognize the need for organizations to reduce the attack surface they expose to hackers, we can expect increased adoption of similar policies in other industries and regions," said Ilan Paretsky, Ericom's CMO. "With the introduction of clientless remote browser isolation solutions such as Ericom Shield, which is nearly transparent to users and easy to install and manage, there is no reason for organizations to remain vulnerable to browser borne attacks."

Published Tuesday, October 09, 2018 10:59 AM by David Marshall
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