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Datrium Eliminates Storage Management and Backup to Increase Productivity of App. Users and Efficiency of IT Staff

Datrium, the self-protecting enterprise cloud company, today announced that customers are using Datrium DVX performance at scale to increase application speed and accelerate their business processes. IT staff are becoming more efficient as they can now eliminate storage management and eliminate backup, dramatically reducing datacenter administration overhead while deploying new infrastructure faster. As a result, Datrium customers are achieving a 617% 3-year ROI and a fast payback of only 5 months.

By migrating to a hybrid cloud paradigm, leading enterprises are driving out the inefficiencies of legacy infrastructure products. The major decision-making factors in this strategy were not just performance, availability, flexibility, and security, but the critical sum of these parts along with lower costs that delivers optimized ROI.

This impactful financial outcome was validated by IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and advice.  IDC interviewed ten large Datrium DVX customers, with an average of 41,800 employees and average revenue of $12 billion. In addition to outstanding ROI and payback metrics, IDC discovered that gross end-user productivity increased 6% while 3-year cost of operations dropped 54%. The velocity of new deployments increased - 67% faster deployment for new storage - with an 85% shorter data recovery window, making businesses more agile in the growing real-time economy.

"More organizations are aligning their on-premises and cloud approaches," said Eric Burgener, IDC Research Vice President. "Software-defined convergence of disparate functionality into a unified, scalable platform is meeting business demands for performance, availability, flexibility, and security with simplicity and agility. Organizations often conclude that traditional, siloed IT infrastructures cannot meet these requirements in a cost-effective and rapid manner."

"Datrium customers are bringing the cloud to their data and their data to the cloud," said Tim Page, Datrium CEO. "Enterprises connect the value of this new approach directly to outstanding business and financial benefits. Unlike existing infrastructure choices, Datrium self-protecting enterprise cloud means no storage management, no backup, guaranteed DR and end-to-end security, and that completely transforms the hybrid cloud game for our customers."

"My end users run applications faster and enjoy less downtime on Datrium DVX," explained Bryan Bond, Director, IT Infrastructure, Siemens. "My IT team doesn't have to manage storage LUNs or backup anymore and we can recover from failures ten times faster while reducing my IT spend by 75%. Datrium's vision of a self-protecting enterprise cloud with Cloud DVX and CloudShift SaaS offerings helps us leverage public cloud as a simple extension of our data center."

Click here to download a copy of the IDC whitepaper.

Published Tuesday, October 16, 2018 2:29 PM by David Marshall
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